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Top 4 Signs to Look Out for and Keep Your Relationship from Becoming an Unhealthy One

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There’s no question that every couple wants their relationship to be a healthy one, but, sadly, there’s just as much chance for things to go awry. Before you decide to live the bachelor’s life and just turn to gorgeous-looking Perth escorts whenever you need a companion, though, you need to remember that just because there’s a chance that things will go wrong, it doesn’t mean they will.

Often, the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy one lies in being able to spot the signs of the latter and taking steps to fix what’s needed. That said, it isn’t clear when, exactly, a relationship starts heading into bad romance territory. The signs, however, can be clear as day, as confusing as that sounds.

Here, then are the biggest signs of an unhealthy relationship that, once spotted, need to be weeded out of your life so more happiness can find its way to you.

1. A lack of respect. It goes without saying that a relationship can’t be healthy when it’s more like one partner is being dominated by the other or is only staying with them out of fear. Both partners need to respect each other, which means keeping promises and not talking bad about each other just to feel better about themselves, among other things.

2. You’re only in it for sex. While there’s nothing wrong with sexual compatibility, when a relationship is built only around sex, it’s bound to unravel at some point. Passion under the sheets doesn’t always translate to the intimacy needed in a relationship that’s meant to last. While sex is great, it isn’t the answer to everything, nor can it be the only thing holding the two of you together.

3. There’s competition. Not the good kind, either. There are couples who compete in pastimes they indulge in together – racing each other at indoor rock climbing for fun, for example. However, when one of you feels like they don’t have a big role in the relationship, things could turn into a power struggle, just to prove who’s better.

4. You keep secrets. Couples don’t automatically share everything with each other, but at the same time, they don’t keep the relatively trivial things to themselves. If you or your partner aren’t entirely honest about where you spend the whole day, or you just sense there’s something she’s not telling you, you could be headed for trouble.

Think of it this way: if you weren’t being unfaithful or else trying to hide something from your girl, you wouldn’t feel the need to come up with a story to mislead her about where you’d been, right?

As you can see, telling when things start going awry is hard, but the signs will be mostly easy to see. So before you cut ties with your girl and resign yourself to hiring Perth escorts when in need of company, try spotting the signs of an unhealthy relationship. If they’re not there, you’ve nothing to worry about.

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