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Top 3 Reasons You Could Fall Out of Love with Her

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Love is a funny thing. One day, you’re completely certain your current partner is the love of your life, the one you’re going to spend forever with. The next day, you’re not so convinced and you’re browsing online for Perth escorts to find the perfect babe to take to an upcoming event because you need some time away from your girl.

This cycle of being in love with someone to falling out of love – how does it happen, and why? For one thing, people’s general idea of love is based on the infatuation stage of a new relationship, and that’s just part of what love feels like. The thing is, experts state that falling in love is easy, and falling out of love is even easier.

Unfortunately, falling out of love happens to everyone at least once at some point, so what causes it to happen in the first place? Here’s a quick look at the possible causes.

1. Doing too much, too fast. As mentioned earlier, love is more than the first stage of infatuation and physical attraction. Just because it takes a minute or less for you to figure out that you like her, it doesn’t mean you automatically love her – or not. Falling in love takes more than a few minutes, so when you rush things, it won’t be too long before you start falling out of love.

This is the reason why love is more of a question of compatibility than it is one of attraction. If your relationship is one where there’s no compatibility, you and your girl will barely get anywhere, or amount to much of anything.

2. Lack of chemistry. Compatibility makes for lasting relationships, and chemistry makes for exciting ones. Any relationship will have a lot of chemistry at the beginning, but as time goes by, your priorities will start to change. Work and other commitments will start taking up more of your time, while your chemistry with your partner won’t be as important.

The good news is that, love is a choice as much as it is a feeling, so you can still choose to work on saving your relationship instead of just letting it go. Your partner must want the same thing, though.

3. A case of mistaken identity. How sure are you that you’re in love with your girl? For all you know, you’re just infatuated with her. Once the infatuation starts fading or you get to know her better, you may find yourself wondering what you ever saw in her.

As mentioned earlier, you can choose to stay with your partner, to choose to love her despite the flaws you’re starting to see. But if there’s really no way you can do that – there are Perth escorts prettier than she is, and you know you’re always going to be distracted by someone who’s more of a head-turner – it may be better for you to let yourself fall out of love than force yourself to stay in that relationship.

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