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The Relationship of Money and the Escorting Business

Many people believe that escorts earn a lot of money, in fact they really do! Most of the escorts we have here earn $400 to $1000 an hour and they are seeing 2 or 3 clients a day depending on what their schedule dictates. Money and escorting are two things that are never apart in the industry. It wouldn’t be called a “business” if it doesn’t involve money.

Perth Escorts, Australian escortsThe paycheck may be too tantalizing to many aspiring escorts but that kind of salary is not achieved without a courtesan’s dedication and passion over achieving his/her personal goals as an escort. Before anyone even reaches the top class level, an escort must work to get more clients, learn from experience and deliver genuine customer service.

Though money is a benefit to becoming an escort, it is not a good motivation to be one. When you only think of financial gain when you are with clients, your service could wind up as dull, boring and untrue. Many clients have complained about escorts keeping close watch over their time so that they could just leave when everything is all said and done.

If you want to be successful in the business, you have to dedicate your allotted time to your clients. You have to feel their presence and their emotions to get a good grasp of their emotional side and provide the right service he desires. Escorting is not just for money, it is for companionship and for the joy of being social and meeting new people every day.

If you want to be a Perth escort for financial gain, you might want to think twice. This business can give you a pretty rough start and would require you to invest in certain stuff such as professional photographs, designer lingerie and sex toys to be able to grant your client’s erotic wishes. There is more to being an escort than meets the eye.

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