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The Erotic Satiating Skills of Perth Escorts

A lot of people tend to overlook the feeling of experiencing the most erotic sensations, and this is all because they fear judgement before anything else. The pressure of giving that perfect porn star performance is embedded deeply into their mind, making them forget the one thing they should really be experiencing, and that is pleasure. The highly sensual vixens of Perth Escorts bring you wave after wave of these incredible sensations and this really isn’t something you would want to miss out on…

two perth escort girls pinching buttI’d finally taken my friend’s advice to give in to my urges. It was time for me to feed my erotic insatiability. My hands started to shake when the beautiful woman that stood before me started taking off her clothes. It took all of my will power to stop myself from turning back into my adolescent teenager years. She looked the picture of perfect; my dream was turning into a reality.

Taking deep breaths, I positioned myself in the middle of her legs. I could already smell the alluring scent of her, calling for me. I closed my eyes and willed myself to let go of all my thoughts and I am going to let my intense sexual hunger take over. I proceeded to smell her through her lacy panties. She was fully shaved; every bit of her was flawless. Without hesitation, I took off her panties and proceeded to lick every bit of it.

Her moans were like music to my ears and it urged me to push my tongue deeper into the entrance of her pussy. In slow rhythms, my tongue was dancing in and out of her. My one hand groping her breasts and the other rubbing her clit, my hunger was starting to feel satisfied.

Her hips were grinding against the movement of my tongue. I could tell she liked what I was doing by the evidence of her oozing sweet juices. I glanced at her beautiful face and it was just filled with ecstasy. “I’m close baby!” she yelled.

Moving my tongue on her swelling clitoris, I pried my hands away from her brazen breasts and started fingering her with haste. Within a few moments of bombarding her with pleasure on her g-spot and her c-spot, she was breathlessly screaming. Alas, she came. As if on cue, I then plunged my raw and erect cock inside of her squirming pussy. It felt so dam good!

I pushed all of my length into her, I could not believe how wet her tight pussy was! Her walls were contracting which made me want to thrust myself inside her with speed. In the missionary position, I was pumping her with my mouth sucking the nipples of her plump breasts. My climax came earlier than I had expected, she was purposefully tightening her walls surrounding my cock.

I inclined myself to pull out but she stopped me from doing so. In a few moments, I erupted inside her filling her wet walls with my milk. From that moment on I knew, I was purely satiated but I am left wanting more.

An experience like this is just the beginning; a whole lot more awaits you in the gallery of Perth Escorts. Without a doubt, you will satisfy your cravings.

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