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Perth Escorts – Sex Positions That May Be Fun, But Can Be Very Risky

Perhaps you’ve gotten tired and sleepy from doing the usual sex positions like the missionary or the woman-on-top, and you’d like to try something fresh and exciting. Well, here are a couple of, let’s say creative, but kind of risky sex positions, which if done improperly, could land you in the hospital with a nasty more »

Perth Escorts – Boosting Both Their Sexual Pleasure and Yours

There’s just something about being with a gorgeous vixen that can make guys suddenly conscious about their performance in bed. The ladies at Perth Escorts, though, while definitely skilled, will help ease your ‘performance anxiety’ so that you both get the most out of your time together. Warm soft hands pulled me in for a more »

Perth Escorts – Habits That Can Kill Her Horny Mood

Old habits die hard, especially if they’re little tricks that have always worked for you in the bedroom. The ladies at Perth Escorts have their own little bedroom routines, but they’ve had quite a while to hone their skills. Even if you’ve been around, there may still be some habits you need to toss out more »

Perth Escorts Stories: A Fast Unexpected Fuck

“Urrgh, yes, yes!” she was panting. The way her sex quivered told me she was close. I was incredibly close too, and I couldn’t believe I could orgasm from her riding me. It was not my usual preference. But at that very moment, I would be proven wrong. She clenched, her vulva cupping my length more »

Perth Escorts – 3 Great Ways to Bring Her to the Peak

Men and women are different when it comes to sexual pleasure. Women can definitely enjoy it, but they don’t always orgasm. The gorgeous girls shown in the pages of Perth Escorts are likely to fake an orgasm or two, but you can actually get her to drop the act. Here are a few moves you more »