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Perth Escorts – New Study Reveals That BDSM Practitioners Rarely Confess Their Lifestyles to Their Doctors

Whether you learned about whips, nipple clamps and other bondage stuff from watching Fifty Shades Darker, or you’ve been secretly harbouring BDSM fetishes for years already, I guess you’ll be quite surprised to find out that a recently-published study has noted that BDSM practitioners or adherents rarely confess their lifestyles to their doctors (or even more »

Perth Escorts – 4 Tasty & Frisky food Items That Can Enhance Foreplay

Who says that you can mix food and sex? Well, according to sex experts, there are actually food items that guys and girls should avoid before having sex, however there are food items that are both tasty and frisky, and have been proven to fully enhance foreplay. Here’s a look at 4 delectable yet potent more »

Perth Escorts – Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Etc.: What Your Candidate Says About Your Sex Life

Whether you’d like to keep it out of the bedroom or not, your passion for politics will somehow either affect, or reflect, your sex life. According to a recent study, men and women who are engrossed and invested in political issues tend to have better sex, enjoy better orgasms, and are more likely to experience more »

Perth Escorts – A Guide to the Finest, & Meanest, Small Spaces To make LOVE

Have you ever dreamed of getting down and dirty in less-than-conventional spaces? Well, you’re not the only one thinking of this, because having sex in cramped spaces can be exciting, spontaneous and fun. Sex in small spaces also helps enhance intimacy, and nurtures a sense of adventure too. But the key to successfully pulling this more »