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Perth Escorts – The 3 Things That Separate Great Sex From Average Sex (According to Most Guys)

What separates great sex, from average or dull sex? For some, consensual sex is the best while for others quickies are the preferred mode. To find out what truly separates great sex from average sex, we asked the average bloke out there in the street to give us a few comments or ideas, and here’s more »

Perth Escorts – The Worst Sex-Related Injuries Ever Recorded In Modern History

We all know that sex can be fun, fulfilling and truly exciting. However, when it suddenly becomes humiliating or excruciating, and ends one or two partners in the hospital, it can be numbing and terrifying. Here are a few recorded cases of erotic injuries that landed in the headlines, and caused a lot of pain more »

Perth Escorts – Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Etc.: What Your Candidate Says About Your Sex Life

Whether you’d like to keep it out of the bedroom or not, your passion for politics will somehow either affect, or reflect, your sex life. According to a recent study, men and women who are engrossed and invested in political issues tend to have better sex, enjoy better orgasms, and are more likely to experience more »

Incredibly Stunning Facts And Figures About Women’s Orgasms

If you’re an avid fan of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the two famous sex researchers on the Showtime hit TV series “The Masters Of Sex”, you’ve probably heard of a lot of steamy stuff about human sexuality already. Still, if you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll be surprised to know that there’s so much more »