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3 Types of Lube That Will Transform Your Sex Life

A lot of women today often have problems dealing with vaginal dryness, and painful sex.  Health experts say that vaginal dryness is often brought about by stress, the use of certain medications, or the drop in estrogen which happens post-childbirth and just before menopause. So, to ensure that you and your lady have a fun, more »

3 More Tasty Treats That Naturally Turn Up the Erotic Heat

While candles and soft music are nice, especially for romantic dinners, what you and your lady eat could actually take things to another level, especially in the bedroom! The following healthy and tasty treats have been proven to affect hormone levels, brain chemistry and energy, as well as heighten arousal and sex drive. And while more »

Perth Escorts – Three Reasons Why You’re Getting Bored with Your Relationship

Perth Escorts When you feel bored with your relationship, you might think you have to feel guilty about it. The truth is, you just need to understand why you feel that way and do something about it if you can. There’s a difference between being bored of your girl to the point that you’re looking more »

Secrets to Dealing With A Complicated Relationship

“It’s complicated”. You’ve likely seen that often enough as someone’s relationship status on Facebook, and while it seems like something to be envious of, the truth is, complicated relationships involve some pain and confusion. Both men and women – including some of the Perth escorts you see online every now and then – will have more »

Perth Escorts – 3 Questions To Ask When You’ve Fallen for a Friend’s Girlfriend

Few dating dilemmas are as bad as liking your friend’s girlfriend. Practically all blokes can say they’ve gone through that. Whether the girl resembles one of the gorgeous babes at Perth Escorts or not, the fact is, one other guy is bound to find her attractive and start falling for her once she’s introduced. Obviously, more »

Perth Escorts – The Best, and Worst, Places for Storing Condoms

We all know that sex can be so fun and exciting. However, it doesn’t mean that we have to be carefree and irresponsible, because if we do, then we could either get someone pregnant in a jiffy, or we could get a nasty, life-threatening sexually-transmitted infection! Now what’s the first step towards being sexually-responsible? Well, more »

Perth Independent Escorts – Top 3 Tactics to Make a Girl Jealous and Want You More

Perth Independent Escorts – Top 3 Tactics to Make a Girl Jealous and Want You More   There’s no question that humans can be complicated, confusing creatures – especially when members of the opposite sex are involved. Even the lovely babes at Perth Independent Escorts will admit that women can be tricky to deal with. more »

Cheapest Escorts Perth – Essential Sex Tips for People Who Have Diabetes

Do you eat too much sweets? Or do you consume too much rice, or soft drinks? Perhaps you should considerably reduce your sugar cravings now, especially if you want to steer clear from dreaded diseases like diabetes. According to health experts, medical conditions like diabetes can cause a person’s sex life to take a plunge. more »

End Things Before They Get Worse – Top Tips to Calling Off a Bad Relationship

We all know that relationships are good for you. Usually, they help you be more than friends with someone, teach you how to accept being vulnerable and becoming emotionally close to another person, and overall make you a better person. Sadly, there are those exceptions where relationships do more harm than good – and not more »

Perth Escorts – Three of the Best Ways to Increase Semen Volume

If you’ve been watching a lot of porn lately, perhaps you’d think that all women want to be hosed down with loads of semen. Well, that’s kind of crappy, because I really don’t think any woman out there would want to get hosed down with your spunk. But then again, sometimes it pays to have more »

Perth Escorts – The Best Dating and Hookup Apps for Nerds and Geeks

When it comes to everything sexual, they say that there’s a kink for every freak. And when it comes to dating and hookups, the more specific you are in your search, the better results you will reap. That’s why if you consider yourself a geek, or a nerd, then you should focus your energy and more »

Top 3 Reasons You Could Fall Out of Love with Her

Love is a funny thing. One day, you’re completely certain your current partner is the love of your life, the one you’re going to spend forever with. The next day, you’re not so convinced and you’re browsing online for Perth escorts to find the perfect babe to take to an upcoming event because you need more »

Perth Escorts – Top 3 Signs It’s Time to Take a Break from Your Relationship

If you’re in a relationship, it’s obvious that you want to take a break from your partner every now and again – and so would your girl. There are different ways you can take a break: meeting with friends for a guys’ night out, staying home by yourself and binge-watching your favourite TV series, even more »

Perth Escorts – Top 4 Intimate Sex Positions to Bring the Romance Back

When someone mentions romance, people tend to think of candlelit dinners and unhurried strolls through a mostly deserted park. However, the usual ideas of romance aren’t the only options open to you, especially when trying to bring a spark back into your relationship. As the lovely courtesans at Perth Escorts will point out, it may more »

Perth Escorts – 4 Great Foreplay Moves Any Babe Will Love

Every bloke wants to be the one that blows their girl’s mind when it comes to sexy times in the bedroom, living room, bathroom – wherever they happen to get it on. The difficulty comes from men and women having different attitudes about and approaches to foreplay. Even the sexy vixens at Perth Escorts agree more »

Perth Escorts – More Fun, Frisky Facts About the “Medical Play” Fetish

Most folks have probably played doctors and nurses when they were kids. However, for others that childhood role-playing game develops further into a sexy, and sleazy adult sexual fantasy! With uniforms, roles, tools and toys to consider, here are a couple of fun and frisky facts for making medical play fetishes fun, kinky and safe. more »

Study Finds Sex Education Outdated And Negative

Did you receive sex education in school when you were younger? How was it like if you compare it to today’s instruction? Perhaps, the methods of sex being taught by the competent Perth Escorts is far from the one taught in learning institutions and maybe, far more effective! According to a study, the sex education more »

5 Secrets to Deal with Insecurity in Your Relationship

As far as relationships go, possessiveness and jealousy can be annoying to deal with, but more often than not, they point to a deeper problem: insecurity. Whether it’s you or your partner who’s feeling threatened – perhaps she accused you of browsing the Internet for Perth escorts with nothing to back it up – you more »

Top 4 Signs to Look Out for and Keep Your Relationship from Becoming an Unhealthy One

There’s no question that every couple wants their relationship to be a healthy one, but, sadly, there’s just as much chance for things to go awry. Before you decide to live the bachelor’s life and just turn to gorgeous-looking Perth escorts whenever you need a companion, though, you need to remember that just because there’s more »

Perth Escorts – How Sexting Can Affect Relationships In Positive & Negative Ways

With the rise of digital technology and the invention of cell phones, it seems texting and sexting as well has replaced the usual face-to-face interactions between and amongst peoples. No matter where you’re situated on the planet, you can easily connect with friends and loved ones through text since it’s considered as the fastest and more »

Perth Escorts – End the Summer with a Bang By Trying Out the Horizontal Reverse Cowgirl Position

Want to literally end the summer with a bang? Well, the last full month of summer is upon us, and you know what that means – it’s the perfect time to try out some of the best sex positions for the summer before it’s too late! Here’s one truly adventurous and exciting sex position that more »

Perth Escorts – Never Let Masturbation Ruin Your Sex Life

No one should miss out on masturbation. This is being emphasized by a respected sex and relationship expert since self-loving offers a lot of health benefits, aside of course, from giving you bombastic orgasms. Wouldn’t it be nice if you’re engaged in a mutual masturbation with your sweetheart or if not, with one of those more »

Perth Escorts – British Brewery Creates a Beer That Revs Up Your Sex Drive Instead of Pumping the Brakes On It

We all know, or at least have an idea, that sex and beer (as well as rum, whisky and vodka) have a somewhat contemptuous and sleazy relationship. On one hand, drinking can lead to meeting new partners, which us usually under the pretense of good times and good company, as well as lowered inhibitions. On more »

Perth Escorts – Food Items Known To Keep Your Lady Bits Happy And Healthy

What does it mean when you say you are in good health? Of course, it means to say everything is in tiptop shape from the tip of your hair to the tip of your toes. And that likewise includes the in-betweens such as your lady-bits. The splendid Perth Escorts are known to be conscious of more »

Perth Escorts – Top 3 Secrets to Staying Out of the Friend Zone

Women may say that the friend zone doesn’t exist, but for men, it may as well be a real thing. After all, you may have ended up in it yourself at least once. Even hiring one of the babes at Perth Escorts wasn’t enough to ease the shock and pain of that, if only for more »

Perth Escorts – A Definitive Ranking of 3 (of the Many Different) Ways to Have Sex

Alongside food, water and air, what’s right there at the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Don’t have a clue? Well it’s – sex! Come on, we think about it every 7 seconds, and then we go to sleep and dream about it continuously, and as the famous British singer George Michael affirms, it’s “natural more »

Perth Escorts – 3 More of the Most Pressing, and the Funniest, Sex Questions Answered

What’s the fuss about spanking?  Or do you ever get jailed if caught having sex on a plane? If you have any of these, and more, sex questions in mind, what’s so nice is that we got the answers to a few of the most pressing, and funny, questions straight from our pool of esteemed more »

Grow Closer and More Intimate with These Topics

There’s no person who doesn’t want to improve their relationship with their significant other, whether they just got together, or they’ve been a couple for a year or so. This applies even to blokes who engage hot and sexy Perth escorts. Deep down, they still want to find that one person for them, the one more »

Perth Escorts – Sex Experts Give Their Take on How Often We Should Masturbate

Believe it or not but, indulging in some self-pleasure is a very common activity, and pretty much everybody does it in their life at some point. However, the sad thing is that masturbating is still pretty much a taboo subject in some societies, which often makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about it. more »

Perth Escorts – 3 Funny Things That Could Happen When You’re Having Amazing Sex

Sex can be fun, exciting and pretty hilarious too at the same time. Well, there’s nothing to be ashamed about our bodies, because when we have sex, we see two naked people (or more) bumping and grinding! But what’s a little embarrassment and comic relief while you’re getting it on? Here’s a look at a more »

Perth Escorts – New Study Says That More Women Have Tried “Butt Stuff” Than You Might Think

Whenever most of us talk about sex, there’s always that “elephant in the room”, or that topic which we almost always shy away from, and it’s that thing called “butt stuff’ or anal sex (And all other sex acts that involve interaction with the anus!). However, a new study should surprise you, because it reveals more »

Perth Escorts – The Best Places to Have Sex at Music Festivals

If you’ve already listed sex on the beach, or sex on the kitchen table, in your sexual bucket list, perhaps you should add one more item – Have sex on music festivals! According to a new survey from online ticket marketplace TickPick, who looked at the sexual escapades of 1,000 attendees at music festivals,  9.4% more »

Perth Escorts – New Aussie Study Says That Sex Can Leave Some Guys Feeling Sad and Tearful

If you think that all guys feel blissful, and smiling from ear to ear, after they orgasm, and enjoyed a round or two of sex, think again. New Australian research has found that like women, the guys may also suffer from a condition called PCD, or Post-coital Dysphoria, which can leave a person feeling sad, more »

Perth Escorts – New Study Says That People Who Eat More Seafood Have More Sex

I guess nearly all of us knows the health perks of eating fish and other types of seafood. But don’t you know that there’s another surprising perk of consuming seafood, and it’s the fact it could give your sex life  big boost! Read on to find more about how seafood can give your erotic life more »

Perth Escorts – 3 Weird, Yet True, Sex Facts That You Could Keep in Mind

Yes, we all know that sex can be a fun, exciting and truly uplifting activity. However, don’t you know that it can be a quite pretty weird act too? Considering that sex is a bit weird or peculiar on its own, we got ourselves thinking about all the things that we don’t know about the more »

Perth Escorts – 3 of the “Laziest” Sex Positions in the Planet

For most people, sex can be as intense, sweaty and as tough as a Crossfit workout routine. However, most folks don’t know, or are not aware, that on the other end of the sex spectrum, there’s a type of sex where you can keep your sweatshirt and socks on, and you can still shag even more »

Perth Escorts – Simple Secrets to Using Text to Ask Her Out

Of all the things men have to deal with in the dating game, asking a lady out is one of the most daunting, no matter how confident and no matter how many times you’ve had to do it. In part, it’s because there’s no way of predicting her reaction – even if you think she’ll more »

Perth Escorts – 4 Weird & Disturbing Sex Facts That Many People Aren’t Aware Of

If the weirdest, or the most disturbing fact about sex that you know is that men think of sex like a hundred times a more than women in a day alone, well dude you are just so lame (Or shall I say, so out of touch with reality?). Here’s a sneak peek at a few more »

Perth Escorts – 4 of the Most Unusual Forms of Sexual Expression

Do you know of anyone who has a weird, or truly unusual form of sexual expression? In case you’re not familiar with it yet, any unusual form of sexual expression (or sexual habit) is called a “paraphilia”, and some of the most common paraphilias include fetishism (Think of the word “fetish”), where the person becomes more »

Perth Escorts – 4 of the Best Dream Destinations to Have Sex

Are you the type of guy who loves to travel, and get lost in some exotic and far-away destination? Well, if you’re planning to traverse continents and zigzag the map with your wild wanderings, here’s a peek at a few of the many dream destinations where you can see the sights, enjoy the thrills, and more »

Perth Escorts – 3 More Orgasm Myths That You Should Throw Out of the Window

These days, it’s no longer a secret that sex is an effective calorie-burner and health enhancer, as every year countless studies have proved the physical, emotional, psychological and even societal benefits of sex. But, when it comes to more in-depth inquiries about orgasms, it’s just so easy to get caught up in a lot of more »

Perth Escorts – The 3 Ways Guys and Girls Screw Up Foreplay

Without foreplay, there’s just sex. And while sex is definitely an awesome thing to do, it doesn’t allow the individual to experiment with what drives him or her wild. And of course, without foreplay, sex would be as rote and as mechanical as ever! However, the problem is that most dudes, and even girls, still more »

Perth Escorts – The 4 Biggest Red Flags During Sex

Do you want to be labelled as someone who’s “bad” in bed? Certainly not, as no one wants to have that sleazy reputation for being bad in bed. Well, the good thing is that, one of the world’s largest online dating services, has just released its yearly Singles in America study, which grilled over more »

Conversation Topics to Get to Know Your Girl Better

Communication. It’s one of the building blocks of a relationship – in fact, it’s where most relationships start. Even the one between Escorts in Perth and their clients hinges on communication. After all, you can’t make an appointment with one of them if you don’t contact her, right? The fact of the matter is, good more »

Perth Escorts – 3 Things That Lesbians Can Teach Straight Guys and Girls About Orgasms

Who says that only the straight folk have the most authoritative ideas regarding sex? It turns out that you could probably learn a thing or two from a woman who loves boobs as much as you do, because according to a recent study from Chapman University in the US, lesbians have more frequent orgasms than more »

Perth Escorts – Top Tips to Touching Your Girl Right

Have you ever found yourself thinking about what you can do to help your girl get more out of sex, whenever you do the deed? If you have, then that’s good news. The lovely babes at Perth Escorts are always happy when a bloke knows what he’s doing in bed, so they’ve shared a few more »

Perth Escorts – 5 Best Scents for A Sexy Session

Did you know that scents are among the things that can have quite an influence on you and your woman? Simply put, the right scent can turn her on, while the wrong one can turn her off. Whether you’re in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, or somewhere else when the desire hits, the more »

Perth Escorts – Dating a Younger Woman Made Simple

It’s true that love knows no borders. Just look at the interracial and intercultural relationships that you can see flourishing all around the globe. It doesn’t have to be that complicated, of course – it could be a matter of age. Some women prefer younger men, for instance, while others prefer their men older. The more »

Perth Escorts – Two Sex Expert-Approved Positions That You Should Quickly Include in Your To-Do List

Looking to shore up your erotic skills this 2018? Perhaps you could try adding a few bedroom skills to your list starting today! What’s good is that we’ve asked a couple of our friendly and seasoned sexologists and intimacy researchers to share us their best, expert-approved positions and tricks, because sometimes, you need to call more »

Perth Escorts – The 3 Moves That Are Most Likely to Make the Ladies Moan in Ecstasy

If you’re having a problem making your ladies orgasm, and moan with ecstasy in bed, perhaps you forgot to do a combination of bedroom moves – genital stimulation, deep kissing and oral sex! Yes, researchers and sex experts say that these three moves are most likely to make any woman out there moan with delight. more »

Perth Escorts – Two Sexting Tips That Can Help Protect Your Privacy

Ask anyone’s who’s already tried sexting if they liked it, and I guess all of them will tell you how fun and exciting it can be. For most people, sexting is just like engaging in phone sex with a romantic or hookup partner, although they admit that you need to work a little bit in more »

Perth Escorts – More Canadians Want More Sex During the Winter Months (And Other Spicy Sex Facts)

If the Americans love football and baseball, the Aussies love cricket and rugby (And Aussie Rules football too!), it’s a no-brainer to say that the Canadians love – hockey! But according to a new study called the Schick Hydro Silk Trimstyle Razor Report, more Canadians would rather skip playing hockey during the winter months, and more »

Perth Escorts – 4 Massage Tips That Can Lead to More Sizzling Sex

Body massages are perfect for soothing the muscles, and the senses. And of course, they’re perfect prepping techniques for better sex too! But then again, admit that you’ve probably given your woman a half-assed, lousy rubdown most of the time, thinking that it was all you had to do to warm her up for sex! more »

Perth Escorts – 3 Adventurous Sex Moves That You Should Try Tonight

Have you started running out of more fun and adventurous things to do in bed? While a night of boring sex is still better than not having sex at all, that is certainly no reason to settle into a lame bedroom routine! We asked a few of the most seasoned sexologists to give us a more »

Perth Escorts – Valentine’s Day Sex Positions That Are Sure to Give You a Major Boner

Let’s face it – Not everyone is too enamoured with Valentines’ Day. While others truly bask in the romantic feel of Valentine’s, others shrug it off as cheesy commercial propaganda. But, what’s to have about having an extra incentive to have lots of sex, or to simply celebrate your love or lust? To make the more »

Perth Escorts – 3 Cool Tips for a Hot Valentine’s Day Sex This 2018

Yes, I know that the New Year has just come in, and we’re still two months away from Valentine’s Day. But then again, would you want this upcoming Valentine’s Day to be the same as last year’s? Or would you rather want things to heat up a little further? Here are a couple of cool more »

Perth Escorts – Once-a-Week Sex Makes for Happy Couples, New Study Reveals

How much sex per week is deemed “good”? According to sex and relationship experts, an active sex life is important to a couple’s happiness, but a new study suggests that couples don’t exactly have go at it like rabbits, because those who make love once a week are the happiest! More Frequent Sex Just Doesn’t more »

Perth Escorts – 3 More Possible Causes of Painful Sex

Regardless of what it is you’re doing, one thing is sure to stop your desire head-on, and it’s pain! And when it comes to sex, most of us don’t want to do it when we feel pain. According to health experts, it is estimated that 20% of women suffer vaginal pain with foreplay or intercourse, more »

Everything You Need to Know About Rough Sex and How to Make it Happen

Believe it or not, most women actually love naughty sex. Yes, they want men to manhandle them – but correctly of course, according to Perth Escorts. If you haven’t considered doing it so, then you’re surely missing a lot. Try it and you’ll see just how crazy sex can be. However, it’s not going to more »

Perth Escorts –The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Hassle-Free Car Sex

If you’d like to get down and dirty in some place other than your own bed, perhaps you could try doing it in a car! But wait – before you try car sex, let me first tell you that sex in a car can be complicated, because if done incorrectly that wonderful moment of first-date more »

Perth Escorts – Movies & TV Shows That Featured Female Masturbation

Just in case you still think that only guys masturbate, well here’s the truth again – women jerk off, and it’s totally normal and healthy! So, now that we have gotten that out of the way, why don’t we take a look a few of the most talked-about female masturbation scenes on TV or in more »

Perth Escorts – The Hottest, and Sleaziest, Movies on Netflix Today

Gone are the days when you had to run to the nearest video shop to rent your favourite movies, as now you can watch the most popular movies, TV series and even hard-to-find art-house flicks on online haunts like Netflix! Netflix actually does not rent movies, but if you subscribe you have access to their more »

Perth Escorts – New Poll Reveals That More People Today Are Having Sex in Airports, Than in Planes

Ask anyone out there to name one of the most exciting and adventurous places to have sex (Apart from the bedroom) and you’ll hear more and more people mention locations like airplanes! Yes, while it’s true that many couples are angling to join the Mile High Club, a new poll has revealed that a lot more »

Perth Escorts – New Research Warns That Watching Porn on Your Mobile Device Can Be Very Risky

Do you love watching all types of porn from your mobile phone or gadget? While researchers have noted that the simplicity and convenience (As well as ease) of watching porn from a mobile device makes for a very tasty and tempting offer, it is a practice that you should perhaps reconsider, because it puts you more »

Perth Escorts – 3 Great Ideas on How to Make a Lady Less Self-Conscious in Bed

How do you make your lady feel more relaxed and less self-conscious in bed? Do you start off with a little pep talk about life or whatever? Or do you first start off by asking her what she likes? If your girlfriend, or even your spouse, had sexual tastes that tend to skew more vanilla more »

Perth Escorts – Herbs and Supplements That Horny Guys Should Never Take

A lot of men all over the world today use dietary supplements for whatever reason, and they are spending a ton of money on them. In fact in the US alone, consumers spent $30 billion on these over-the-counter nutritional supplements, 42% for vitamins and minerals, 17% for herbal or botanical supplements and 12% for sports more »

Perth Escorts – Fun & Cool Ideas on How to Successfully Pull Off Car Sex

There’s truly nothing like getting caught up in the heat of passion, and accidentally thrusting someone right into the rear-view mirror, overhead light or glove compartment, when having sex in a car! Well, who hasn’t tried car sex yet? If you haven’t, read this guideline first, so that you’ll have a fun and injury-free car-sex more »

Perth Escorts – Sex Positions That Do Not Require Eye Contact

Sex positions – the truth is that there are about as many different sex positions as there are flavours of ice cream. There are sex positions for wanna-be porn stars, and there are those that make people feel close together as a couple. And then, there are sex positions too that do not require any more »

Perth Escorts – Tired Sex: Why It Happens & How To Put Your Sex Life Back On Track

Do you find it difficult to fit sex into your regular schedules? With the fast-pace kind of life we have today, it seems people are always busy, filled with tasks and are up and running 24/7. Wow, what a life! You may have yourself to blame if you get tired of romping under the covers. more »

Perth Escorts – Online Daters Ignore Their Own Wish List When Choosing Their Dates

What’s the first thing you’d do when you create your profile on a certain online dating site? Of course, once you’re done with the basics, you also have to outline your own set of characteristics for the contacts you’ll be searching for as potential partners! Now, there’s no problem with finding a casual hookup lover more »

Perth Escorts – Simple But Effective Ways to Make Your Partner Happy

You’ve likely heard the phrase “happy wife, happy life.” If you’re not yet married, you may think this doesn’t apply to you, but it does, if only to some extent. If you’ve been with your significant other for a long time and you’ve agreed not to see anyone else, for example, you’re just as exclusive more »

Perth Escorts – 3 Big Reasons Why Guys Fake Orgasms

Did your lady ever wonder if you were faking your climaxes all along? If you think only ladies fake orgasms, think again – gents do so, too. Studies reveal that one in four men confirm they have faked an orgasm at some point in their sex lives! Ask the remarkable Perth Escorts if they have more »

Perth Escorts – Nudity Is In Vogue, Seems Like Clothing Is No Longer A Necessity

People are making so much fuss about famous personalities wearing almost nothing when they grace the red carpet during awarding ceremonies. Obviously, each one attempts to out-nude all others in their expensive scanty attire. Else, fashion models on the catwalk flaunt their sleek bodies and don outfits that leave little to the spectators’ imaginations! Of more »

Perth Escorts – 3 New Ways to Use Blindfolds in the Bedroom

Blindfolds are the prop of choice in the bedroom for many couples, and no wonder. There are few things more titillating than having every other sense heightened so that a simple caress makes you feel weak-kneed. The lovely courtesans at Perth Escorts aren’t strangers to this prop, with many being open to using this and more »

Perth Escorts – Ways to Tell if You’re in a Narcissistic Relationship

When someone loves themselves too much, others will usually chalk it up to narcissism. The truth is, it’s more complex than just looking in a mirror and talking at length about how good you look. The gorgeous babes at Perth Escorts likely won’t have that disorder, or they wouldn’t be able to do what they more »

Perth Escorts – Make that First Kiss Unforgettable

When something happens for the first time, you usually feel a mix of emotions – anticipation, relief, apprehension, happiness, and so on. For instance, your first time engaging one of the lovely babes with Perth Escorts may feel that way since you don’t know how you’ll get along. The same can be said of your more »

Awesome Reasons Why Space is Important in A Relationship

“I just need some space.” This phrase can come from either you or your partner at any point in your relationship. Regardless of who said it, needing space in love can be confusing, if not frustrating. After all, if you love each other, why do you need a break, so to speak? Needing space doesn’t more »

Perth Escorts – A Quick Guide to Getting the Girl

Some blokes may feel it’s impossible to score with the ladies, maybe because they’ve been let down a number of times. However, it’s definitely not the case. The sexy vixens at Perth Escorts say it’s just a matter of offering her something she wants, but the thing is, that’s easier said than done. Not to more »

Perth Escorts – Signs Your Relationship is In a Downward Spiral

Have you ever been in a relationship, but all the while wondering if your partner hates you, and why she feels that way? The lovely courtesans featured in the gallery at Perth Escorts may know how that feels, but all the same, they know how important closeness is in a relationship. New couples aren’t likely more »

Perth Escorts – Don’t Let Stress Ruin Your Relationship

It’s unfortunate, but stress is unavoidable, and you’ll encounter it whether at work, school, or at home. The lovely babes at Perth Escorts have experienced their share of stress, and know the best ways to lower stress levels to something more manageable. That’s important because, when you’re in a relationship, stress can cause trouble. When more »

Get Things Sizzling in the Bedroom – Use Your Fingers!

You should know by now that when you get frisky under the sheets, your cock isn’t the only tool in your arsenal. Women, including the best Perth escorts, enjoy the activities leading up to sex, because they help her get ready for the main course. These little activities used for foreplay get even better when more »

Perth Escorts – The 3 Things That Men Find So Stressful About Anal Sex

If there’s one sexual activity that a lot of men either find too daunting, or too stressful to do, then perhaps it would be – anal sex! According to many guys, the act could be comparable to standing on a high-dive and trying to psych yourself up! Many dudes have also agreed that although anal more »

Perth Escorts – New Study Reveals That BDSM Practitioners Rarely Confess Their Lifestyles to Their Doctors

Whether you learned about whips, nipple clamps and other bondage stuff from watching Fifty Shades Darker, or you’ve been secretly harbouring BDSM fetishes for years already, I guess you’ll be quite surprised to find out that a recently-published study has noted that BDSM practitioners or adherents rarely confess their lifestyles to their doctors (or even more »

Perth Escorts – 4 Things About A Lady’s Vagina That Most Guys Don’t Care About

When it comes to talk about sex, most guys quickly set their sights on one aspect of a woman’s body, and it’s the vagina. However, many men often fail to appreciate a couple of things or aspects about a woman’s “pussy”, to the chagrin of a lot of ladies (Perhaps it’s because they don’t have more »

Perth Escorts – No-Brainer Tips to Turning Her On

It’s been said time and time again – men and women can be complicated creatures, with more emphasis on the latter. The thing is, with some practice, either sex can be really simple to read and deal with, inside the bedroom or outside. The ladies at Perth Escorts, for example, have had enough practice with more »

Perth Escorts – Crucial Facts And Details About Aftercare in BDSM

If you and your partner are starting to get curious about whipping, flogging, the use of handcuffs and even fetishes or domination, remember that BDSM is not the usual “wham-bam-thank you” thing, because after all the challenging and exotic activities, a little “aftercare” is required! In fact, both partners should discuss what BDSM fantasy they’re more »

Prevent a Fractured Cock By Simply Being Careful With These 4 Sex Positions

In sex, applying various positions is of utmost importance. Hence men need to have as much ideas as they can. However, according to Perth Escorts, there are positions that can also lead to serious cock problems. That means, a broken penis. Yes, even science can prove it. You see, most men tend to ignore this more »

Perth Escorts – Tasty Tips & Tidbits About the Pretzel Sex Position

If you’ve been used to hearing sex experts (or even perverts) use food to describe foreplay and stimulation techniques, perhaps it would be okay to use certain types of food to name certain sex positions! Take for example the “Pretzel” sex position. Here are a handful of tasty tips and tidbits about this delectable sex more »

Perth Escorts – Moving In Together With Your Partner

When it comes to relationships, any changes can be big changes, causing a bit of confusion and more than a little conflict if you’re not paying attention. After all, you won’t always be relying on, say, the gorgeous courtesans at Perth Escorts to keep you company and for sexual satisfaction. At some point, you’ll want more »

Perth Escorts – Simple Phrases That Actually Irritate Her

All couples have a phase where one of them gets irritated at the other for what seems like no reason. The lovely babes at Perth Escorts have had a few clients who experienced it at some point – and as it turns out, there are certain simple phrases that can set a lady off. To more »

Perth Escorts – Narcissistic Guys Have An Easier Time Attracting Hot Women, And That’s According To A German Study

You may not be too showy of your feelings, but do you think that you just hate guys (or even girls) who have an unrealistically positive self-image, along with an excess baggage of feelings of entitlement? Well, we just described what narcissism is, and what it’s drawbacks are. But believe it or not, a bunch more »

Perth Escorts – Get Enough Sleep, And See Your Sex Life Soar To The Heavens

Are you in search of the best and most natural way, to achieve amazing, “out-of-this-world” sex? Well, look no further, go to bed early, and get adequate sleep! However, health experts agree that everybody has a different sleep requirement, with some needing more than 9 hours of sleep, while the average self-reported sleep is around more »

Perth Escorts – Common Sense Tips When Hiring Escorts

Sometimes, you may feel like doing whatever you like without stopping to think of the consequences. It’s fortunate, then, that common sense is there to keep you from doing something possibly stupid or damaging. For instance, you need to be sure that you’re dealing with a legitimate escort service such as Perth Escorts. Obviously, you more »

Perth Escorts – Loving Chocolate Has Sexy Benefits

Dark chocolate is a treat for both sexes, and is the healthiest version of chocolate you can get because it’s made up of more natural ingredients compared to milk and white chocolate. The lovely babes featured in the pages of Perth Escorts are sure to enjoy some dark chocolate now and then. So you’re not more »