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Perth Escorts – Tasty Tips & Tidbits About the Pretzel Sex Position

If you’ve been used to hearing sex experts (or even perverts) use food to describe foreplay and stimulation techniques, perhaps it would be okay to use certain types of food to name certain sex positions! Take for example the “Pretzel” sex position. Here are a handful of tasty tips and tidbits about this delectable sex more »

Perth Escorts – Moving In Together With Your Partner

When it comes to relationships, any changes can be big changes, causing a bit of confusion and more than a little conflict if you’re not paying attention. After all, you won’t always be relying on, say, the gorgeous courtesans at Perth Escorts to keep you company and for sexual satisfaction. At some point, you’ll want more »

5 Tips to Nail a Kinky Sex like a Pro

If you want to give her the best sex ever, consider being kinky in bed. That’s right – kinky sex is one of the best ways to make a girl fully satisfied in bed, according to Perth Escorts. So, as much as possible, try kinky sex. You don’t need to worry. Why? That’s because there more »

Perth Escorts – Boosting Both Their Sexual Pleasure and Yours

There’s just something about being with a gorgeous vixen that can make guys suddenly conscious about their performance in bed. The ladies at Perth Escorts, though, while definitely skilled, will help ease your ‘performance anxiety’ so that you both get the most out of your time together. Warm soft hands pulled me in for a more »

Perth Escorts – Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Etc.: What Your Candidate Says About Your Sex Life

Whether you’d like to keep it out of the bedroom or not, your passion for politics will somehow either affect, or reflect, your sex life. According to a recent study, men and women who are engrossed and invested in political issues tend to have better sex, enjoy better orgasms, and are more likely to experience more »

Perth Escorts – A Guide to the Finest, & Meanest, Small Spaces To make LOVE

Have you ever dreamed of getting down and dirty in less-than-conventional spaces? Well, you’re not the only one thinking of this, because having sex in cramped spaces can be exciting, spontaneous and fun. Sex in small spaces also helps enhance intimacy, and nurtures a sense of adventure too. But the key to successfully pulling this more »

Perth Escorts – Spots to Use Your Tongue On Her to Excite Her More

While there’s no sure-fire way to really get a girl’s warmed up, there are certain places you can touch and tease to get the ball rolling. These erogenous zones are the same for all women, even the lovely ladies in the pages of Perth Escorts. True, the pleasure they feel will vary, but stroking these more »

Perth Escorts – The Tawdry Sex Lives Of The World’s Most Wicked Dictators

What drives a man to aspire for power, absolute power? While many countries have already made progress towards creating truly democratic governments and institutions, some countries still remained in the grip of bloody, ruthless dictators, for decades. Well, these modern-day dictators not only had penchant for violently suppressing freedoms, but they also had an insatiable more »

Perth Escorts – A Look At 3 Of The World’s Best (And Seediest) Red Light Districts

What’s a “red-light district”? Why are so many people drawn to it? If you look at the dictionary, a red-light district is defined as “an urban area where there is a concentration of prostitution and sex-related businesses like strip clubs, adult theatres, sex shops and more. The term was actually derived from the red lights more »

Perth Escorts – Habits That Can Kill Her Horny Mood

Old habits die hard, especially if they’re little tricks that have always worked for you in the bedroom. The ladies at Perth Escorts have their own little bedroom routines, but they’ve had quite a while to hone their skills. Even if you’ve been around, there may still be some habits you need to toss out more »

Previously-Weird Sexual Fetishes That Are Now Widely Accepted

What is a sexual fetish? And why is it that some fetishes that were once considered “weird” are now somehow accepted by society? A sexual fetish is generally defined as a sexual interest or focus on a non-genital body part, a non-living object or even a specific situation or event.  The person who has a more »

Perth Escorts Stories: A Fast Unexpected Fuck

“Urrgh, yes, yes!” she was panting. The way her sex quivered told me she was close. I was incredibly close too, and I couldn’t believe I could orgasm from her riding me. It was not my usual preference. But at that very moment, I would be proven wrong. She clenched, her vulva cupping my length more »

Perth Escorts – Mutual Pleasure, Guaranteed

It’s not every day you get the chance to be with a woman who’s entirely giving in bed. The ladies featured in the galleries of Perth Escorts are exactly that. Since they’re highly experienced in all things sexual, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time with one of them. We both lay on our sides, more »

Tasty Treats and Foodie Fun Between the Sheets: 5 Picks for Titillating Foreplay

Fun in the bedroom should be just that. Even with all the moves or positions you may be tempted to memorize and try out, sex isn’t a serious affair. The sexy mavens of Perth Escorts agree that a client’s stoic face can kill the mood, but there’s a way to put some zing into your more »

Perth Escorts – For The Best Girlfriend Experience

Still single and feel like life for you has become redundantly boring? Tired of masturbating in the privacy of your own space? Spice up your sex life in the company of a stunning girlfriend. Take advantage of the excellent services of high class Perth Escorts and feel the girlfriend experience with the sweetheart of your more »

Perth Escorts Presents: The 5 Elements for Better Sex

Sex is an act for passion. This is something that you cannot easily do like a chore. It’s something that is done out of intense intentions. To put it simply, you won’t be having sex with someone if you’re not attracted to her. When then brings us to the point: sex is for the means more »

Perth Escorts – Sexy, Sensual and Exotic

Have you ever tasted the best of the best in the Perth adult entertainment? Get the chance to take your sexual experiences to the next level with Perth escorts. These girls are independent, professional and dazzling in both their physical appearance and in their skill. Imagine the most beautiful woman you had ever met, making more »

Only the Best Top Class Escort Service with Scarlett

If you are looking for the best escorts in Perth for your trip to the city, then you have come to the right place. is the only place around the web where you can find genuine top class escorts, not only in Western Australia but in the entire country as well. Meet Scarlett – more »

All about Special Requests with the Perth Escorts

Perth escorts are women that are coveted because of their beauty, brains and personality. They can captivate any man with just one glance. By using their charm, you will immediately fall for these vixens. If you have an appointment with these girls, you are in for a treat. Get ready to enter a haven full more »

Escorting: More than Meets the Eye

Experience high class Perth escorts right now and be pleasured like you have never been before. With one look, you will be mesmerized with their angelic faces and sophistication. But do not be fooled with their appearance, they can be devilish seductresses that can drive you to the edge. It would make your stay in more »