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Some Tips in Practicing Safe Sex with Perth Escorts

When you say Perth escorts, these are the ladies you can turn to whenever you feel alone and in need of a companion. These girls are your perfect match when it comes to pleasure and excitement. But like all escorting services around the world, all services must be practiced with safety and safe sex.

Health and well being is something escorts rely on. If ever they are unable to provide service to their clients because of health issues, no money would come in for them. So as much as possible, a courtesan needs to have regular appointments to the doctor for a medical checkup.

The practice of safe sex

In the escort service, safe sex is always a protocol. So as clients, you need to respect this decision. No escort around the city of Perth will ever provide Natural service or unprotected intercourse, so don’t ask. It would be better off that way than to worry about possible conception or even acquiring STD’s. Plus, it is her way of protecting herself from health issues that could be coming from you.

If you have cuts or burns on your hands, make sure to have them covered or checked for possible infections, especially in foreplay. Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly and avoid substances that could potentially irritate your partner’s private parts.

When it comes to condoms, change them regularly throughout your transaction with an escort. For anal penetration, use protection at all times. When switching to vaginal penetration, do not use the same condom used in anal and vice versa. In addition, if you are planning to utilize toys, you can buy and bring your own.

These are some of the tips you could do to practice safety. It wouldn’t hurt to implement safety precautions during play time. So practice safe sex and have fun.

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