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Secrets to Dealing With A Complicated Relationship

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“It’s complicated”. You’ve likely seen that often enough as someone’s relationship status on Facebook, and while it seems like something to be envious of, the truth is, complicated relationships involve some pain and confusion. Both men and women – including some of the Perth escorts you see online every now and then – will have gone through at least one complicated relationship, that’s certain.

These complications can happy for any reason, from something as simple as a hurtful comment to something as big as one partner falling in love with someone else. Big fights, a friends-with-benefits relationship suddenly taking a turn for the more romantic – these are also possible causes of a complicated relationship.

Unfortunately, those involved don’t often see the problem, either because their emotions are getting in the way, or they don’t want to acknowledge that there’s a problem. You can’t completely avoid complicated relationships, but you can find it easier to deal with one if you remember a few things.

Figure Out if You Do Have a Complicated Relationship
Before you go any further and take steps to try and fix a complication, you need to pinpoint if there is one in the first place. Remember that there’s a difference between a crush that’s constantly on your mind, and a one-sided love where one person wants to walk away, and the other is intent on holding on.

Pinpoint What’s Causing the Complication
You can’t do anything to fix the complication if you don’t know what’s causing it. Or, perhaps, you know what’s causing it but you’re afraid to admit it. You need to find out what’s really bothering you, and what you can do to deal with it.

Remember Some Relationships Just Won’t Work
If you and your girl haven’t been together very long and the complicated part of the relationship stems from neither of you being very keen on spending time with each other, that can still be fixed. If you find ways to keep the relationship exciting, for example, then you stand a chance of staying with your girl.

However, if the relationship’s been going on for a while and the complication is thanks to your girl falling out of love with you, there’s not much you can do besides muster up the courage to face that reality. You can simplify the relationship by admitting that she’s no longer attracted to you, and then ending things with her so that you’re both free to move on.

Whatever the result of your talk with your partner, it’s important that you learn from your mistakes and start anew. If you saved your relationship because you gathered enough courage to apologize to your girl and talk things over, do your best not to make the same mistake.
On the other hand, if you had to end things, take the time to enjoy being single again before diving back into a new relationship – or just look for Perth escorts to keep you company in the meantime.

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