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Perth Independent Escorts – Top 3 Tactics to Make a Girl Jealous and Want You More

Perth Independent Escorts – Top 3 Tactics to Make a Girl Jealous and Want You More


There’s no question that humans can be complicated, confusing creatures – especially when members of the opposite sex are involved. Even the lovely babes at Perth Independent Escorts will admit that women can be tricky to deal with. Like all human beings, they can be picky, petty, and unreasonable, traits that can be daunting to deal with if you don’t know how, and doubly so when it comes to the dating game.

If there’s one thing that will give you a leg up, though, it’s jealousy. Girls love attention, and if they’re not in your sights, they’ll quickly get bored. That, experts point out, is how making a certain babe jealous can lead to her wanting you more. Of course, you have to do so in ways that aren’t obvious. Here are a few ideas you can use.

  1. Laugh at something someone else says. Women won’t say so out loud, but they want to be seen as funny. They want to know they can make a bloke laugh because it’s a rare talent. So if you can’t stop chuckling at something another girl says while the object of your attention is in the same group, there’s no way she can ignore that, and subsequently start feeling a little green with jealousy.
  2. Compliment other girls, but not her. There’s nothing that drives a girl crazy more than being left out, especially when it comes to the compliment train. If there are other women around the two of you, compliment them on the little things like their hair, choice of bag, shoes – and so on. However, say nothing to the girl you like.

Yes, this sounds hard, but if you want to make her want you, you need to work at it – so keep your compliments to yourself for now.

  1. Give her mixed signals. This won’t just make her jealous but will also confuse her so that she’ll eventually start really fighting for your attention. Pay attention to her for a few days, and then ignore her the next few days. Once she gets a taste of what you can offer, she’ll start looking for it when it’s not there.

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