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Perth Escorts: Your Playmate in a Three Way Sex Game

One of the many sexual fantasies of men is having a threesome with two beautiful girls. Fortunately, many Perth escorts pair up to give service to men that want to have a steamy menage a trois in the city. This can also be a fun experience for couples that want to tighten up and explore their sexual relationship. They can hire a Perth escort to be the third player in your three-way sex game.

So to help your experience with your partner or with a Perth escort, here are some tips that you may want to follow when having a threesome with two escorts or with your significant other:

  1. When having a threesome with your significant other, you should pay more attention to her rather than the escort. There is a tendency that she can get jealous.


  1. Make sure that the both of you are emotionally prepared for a threesome. The both of you need to be mature enough to understand that the limitations and boundaries of each lady you are doing it with.


  1. One of the advantages that Perth escorts have is that you can have a no strings attached menage a trois, doing it only for fun and pleasure. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your escorts


  1. It is always customary to play safe. Wear condoms when you penetrate whether you are with an escort or with your partner.


  1. It also helps if you avoid drinking alcoholic beverages before hitting the sac. But if you want to, you can drink in small amounts. You would not want to miss the experience by passing out, drunk.


  1. Attention should be spread out evenly among the three of you. Wait for your turn to be pleasured and it would also help to keep your hands busy during the whole act.


Perth escorts are great companions for a wonderful and steamy menage a trois. Whether you are with your significant other or with another Perth escort, you will certainly have a great time. To find the right girl, you can head to the gallery for a selection of beautiful escorts in Perth.

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