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Perth Escorts – Two Sexting Tips That Can Help Protect Your Privacy

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Ask anyone’s who’s already tried sexting if they liked it, and I guess all of them will tell you how fun and exciting it can be. For most people, sexting is just like engaging in phone sex with a romantic or hookup partner, although they admit that you need to work a little bit in order to build up the sexual tensions, as you both have to set the scene. But then again, what happens if you send sexts to the wrong person? Or what if your co-workers (Or even your parents) discover you un-erased sexts? Here are a couple of sexting tips to help protect your privacy.

Protect Your Sexts From Prying Eyes
While sexting anyone, including your hookup buddies and lovely Perth Escorts is already pretty adventurous, if you’re a parent, or if you got other people staying with you at home, it carries its own set of special risks.

How many of you hand over your smart phones to your close friends and co-workers, or even your kids, without thinking twice? I guess it would be smart if you first delete all your sexts (Or lock your smartphone) before handing your phone to anyone!

Password Protection is Key
And like I said earlier, always make sure to keep your mobile phone locked up tight, with a password that’s unfamiliar to everyone else, and can’t be hacked too by the savviest of hackers. That way, at least they’ll have to come to you first before accessing your mobile phone, and you can do some quick deleting if necessary. While it may be so nice to save those sexy texts or photos for later, it’s definitely not worth the risk of having anyone discover them on your phone.

And, do you know that the one when you received a new text, it puts it on the screen of your phone, even if it’ locked? Nothing could be more embarrassing than a sexting message pop-up when you’re in the middle of an office meeting, or a college class?

So, before and after sending erotic texts to your girlfriend, or to your favourite Perth Escorts, always keep their friendly sexting tips in mind, so your privacy will be fully secured.

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