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Perth Escorts – Two Sex Expert-Approved Positions That You Should Quickly Include in Your To-Do List

Perth Escorts

Perth Escorts

Looking to shore up your erotic skills this 2018? Perhaps you could try adding a few bedroom skills to your list starting today! What’s good is that we’ve asked a couple of our friendly and seasoned sexologists and intimacy researchers to share us their best, expert-approved positions and tricks, because sometimes, you need to call in the big guns to sharpen your sexual craft!

The Ohm
If you got a big belly, and you need to further sharpen your bedroom skills, if only to make the hot and sexy Perth Escorts happier and more satisfied in bed, perhaps you could add this expert-approved position to your regular bedroom routines!

With The Ohm, the giver is entering from behind, and the receiver does not have to move her tummy away from the action, unless it is to make her more comfortable, or to readjust where her tummy and thighs meet. The giver can also bend the receiver’s legs toward her torso more, especially is the guy’s belly is challenging!

The 68 Sex Position
According to Tara Struyk, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of, “the most popular sex position among our readers is by far the 68 Sex Position”. This is actually a twist of the ever-popular 69, which gives the receiving partner the full focus.

The receiving partner lies face up on top of the generous partner, knees bent and legs open, with her butt on the guy’s chest. It would be nice to position pillows around your partner, so she can hold some of her weight on her elbows and forearms.

What makes the 68 Sex Position so amazing is that it focuses attention on the woman’s perineum, which is a very sensitive area of skin between the genitals and anus that often gets neglected. Struyk further adds that “we hear from so many people who go totally wild when they are touched in this very sensitive body part”!

Now, which of these two expert-approved sex positions would you and your girlfriend, or hot and sizzling Perth Escorts, be more than willing to add to your sexual routines this year, and try out on a regular basis? I guess all of them!

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