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Perth Escorts – Top Tips to Touching Your Girl Right

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Have you ever found yourself thinking about what you can do to help your girl get more out of sex, whenever you do the deed? If you have, then that’s good news. The lovely babes at Perth Escorts are always happy when a bloke knows what he’s doing in bed, so they’ve shared a few tips to help you improve your bedroom skills, as far as touching and teasing your partner goes.

1. Pressure matters. Ladies are more sensitive to touch, so light pressure for you might in fact be too rough for her, especially on her privates. Try rubbing your thumb and forefinger together just enough to feel the ridges. That’s just how much pressure you need when stroking her clit, if only at the beginning.

2. Think of location, too. It’s not just a question of how much you touch her; where you do so plays a hand in her pleasure as well. Rubbing your girl’s breasts will feel different compared to rubbing her nipples, just as massaging her inner thighs brings her a different sort of pleasure compared to stroking her labia. Experiment by touching and stroking her in different places and finding out what works for her.

3. Slow down. When you slow down, not only do you fulfil your own needs later and get to enjoy the session more, but you also experience greater pleasure since your girl will be more aroused by then. Whether you’re using your fingers to toy with her clit, or giving her a tongue-lashing, listen to her breathing so you know when to stop so you don’t over-stimulate her.

Also, when you slow down, you build anticipation for her, and at some point, she’ll start begging you to touch her somewhere. Then you’ll know she’s ready and wanting, or at least on her way to that point.

Remember that the name of the game is to experiment, since different women will have different reactions to different ways of being touched. Again, find what works for her – how fast or slow to go, where she likes being touched, and so on.

This will take some practice, but it’s worth it. If you want to hone your skills but don’t have a committed partner, or just need some company after a bad break-up, browse the gallery at Perth Escorts. You’ll find the best partner for you, guaranteed.

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