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Perth Escorts – Three Reasons Why You’re Getting Bored with Your Relationship

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When you feel bored with your relationship, you might think you have to feel guilty about it. The truth is, you just need to understand why you feel that way and do something about it if you can. There’s a difference between being bored of your girl to the point that you’re looking to the sexy vixens at Perth Escorts, and simply being bored of the relationship itself.

You’re not the only one with such thoughts, really; even those whose partners are deeply in love with them will eventually become bored with their relationships. These things can happen, and it’s only human to want something more than what we perceive to be “routine”.

You certainly didn’t plan on falling out of love; at some point, you just started wondering if being in that relationship is making you happy. Make no mistake: there’s a reason that question wormed its way into your head, and once you understand why you’ve become bored with the relationship, you’ll be able to try and keep it from happening. Here are a few such reasons.

1. You fell in love too fast. People tell those that they know to take their time when falling for someone, because as it turns out, falling in love too quickly means the romance is on shaky ground. For a relationship to last, there must be a firm foundation – and that can’t happen when you and your girl have flimsy reasons to be together in the first place.

2. You see better opportunities. Every time you look about you, you find women who seem like better potential partners. You like your girl a lot, but somewhere inside you, you can’t help but feel you deserve someone better. This is more likely to happen if you rushed into a relationship, connecting this reason with the one above.

3. You don’t have as many special memories as you’d have liked. You enjoy life more when you can somehow create exciting and fond memories to look back on when you’re older. If you and your girl don’t put in the effort to make special memories together, then the relationship won’t feel special and you’ll eventually want to move on.

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