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Perth Escorts – The Worst Sex-Related Injuries Ever Recorded In Modern History

escort service in perth kissing sceneWe all know that sex can be fun, fulfilling and truly exciting. However, when it suddenly becomes humiliating or excruciating, and ends one or two partners in the hospital, it can be numbing and terrifying. Here are a few recorded cases of erotic injuries that landed in the headlines, and caused a lot of pain and sorrow, to unsuspecting lovers.

A Woman In India Had A Condom Lodged in Her Lungs!
Have you ever heard of a woman (or even a guy) accidentally inhaling something like a condom? Well in India, doctors were mystified when a lady complained of having serious cough, colds and fever for almost a year. After prescribing the usual medications, they finally ran a series of tests on her (including an X-ray), only to surprisingly find out that a condom was actually lodged in her – lungs! The moral lesson of this woeful experience – make sure your girlfriend, or even your favourite Perth Escorts, doesn’t accidentally “inhale” a condom during an act of love!

Singapore Businessman Rams Van Into A Park Car (While Getting Oral Sex)
In prim-and-proper Singapore, a businessman accidentally rammed his van into a parked car, and ended up having more than broken bones. The reason? While he was receiving oral sex from his secretary, the guy forgot to put the car into neutral, and suddenly pushed the acceleration pedal too hard, which caused the van to ram into the parked vehicle. The force of the collision caused his secretary to bite of his penis.

Too Much Tongue-Locking Causes Girlfriend To Go Deaf In One Ear
Now if you think that doing too much French kissing won’t be bad for you, wait till you hear this weird story from China, where too much tongue-locking caused one teenage girl to go deaf on one ear! Apparently, her boyfriend vigorously French-kissed her, and this significantly reduced air pressure in her mouth, which then pulled her ear drum out.

But while doctors agree that kissing is normally very safe, couples are advised to proceed with caution, especially when it comes to the intensity of their tongue-lashing!

Who says sex can be perilous, and life-threatening? Well some times it can be, especially if couples don’t do things properly, and don’t follow the basic safety protocols. So regardless of whether you’re locking tongues (or doing something else acrobatic) with your girlfriend, or lovely Perth Escorts, always put a premium on each other’s safety and security, even when you’re deep in the throes of passion!

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