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Perth Escorts – The Tawdry Sex Lives Of The World’s Most Wicked Dictators

perth escorts unzipped shortsWhat drives a man to aspire for power, absolute power? While many countries have already made progress towards creating truly democratic governments and institutions, some countries still remained in the grip of bloody, ruthless dictators, for decades. Well, these modern-day dictators not only had penchant for violently suppressing freedoms, but they also had an insatiable appetite for sex! Here’s a look at the sex lives of a few of the world’s most wicked dictators.

Idi Amin Dada

Perhaps most of you are aware of just how ruthless, and perverted Idi Amin Dada was, the former military leader and president of Uganda. He was notorious for keeping lots of concubines, practising polygamy, and was a well-known sex addict. Perhaps if he were alive, and visited the land Down Under, he’d pay large sums just to add the lovely Perth Escorts to his harem!

Idi Amin’s bloody 8-year rule was highlighted by a lot of political repression, genocide, state-sanctioned murders, economic sabotage, and lots of sexual misadventures. He married at least 6 times, had 50 mistresses outside his marriage, and reared 35 to 45 kids!

When one of his wives protested his excessive sexual adventures, her arms and legs were cut off. Most of his mistresses also ended up contracting syphilis, which perhaps Amin picked up somewhere, and spread it to all of them!

Muammar Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi as one of North Africa’s weirdest and bloodiest dictators. He was notorious for trying to purchase nuclear weapons from illicit sources, funding the terrorists who bombed Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, and secretly manufacturing chemical weapons.

Gaddafi however, kept a harem of virgin bodyguards, and embarked on expensive vacations with lovely European models. He even paid-off his most ardent political adversaries with strip dancers and prostitutes!

Kim Jong-Il

Fondly called the “Dear Leader” (yet widely despised) by his countrymen, Kim Jong-Il was ruthless, because he even executed his closest aides and relatives for treason. He however maintained a large entourage of hand-picked female “companions”. So while everyone else was living in darkness in North Korea, Kim had gourmet food shipped from overseas, built a movie library of more than 20,000 titles, and had more than 2,00 women to serve his sexual whims!

His harem of carefully-selected women were even divided into three “Pleasure Brigades”. The first brigade was the “Happiness Team” which provided sensual massages, while the “Satisfaction Team’ provided sexual pleasure, while the “Gamujo Team” sang and danced for him.

Uday Hussein

Before he was shot and killed by US Special Forces and Iraqi soldiers in Tikrit a few months after the US invasion in 2003, Uday Hussein was one of Saddam Hussein’s most brutal sons. For every girl that he had the hots for, he’d either have them kidnapped, or killed. He even threatened to kill one provincial governor if he refused to submit both his daughters to him! Thank God he never set his sights on our lovely ladies at Perth Escorts!

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