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Perth Escorts – The Best Places to Have Sex at Music Festivals

If you’ve already listed sex on the beach, or sex on the kitchen table, in your sexual bucket list, perhaps you should add one more item – Have sex on music festivals! According to a new survey from online ticket marketplace TickPick, who looked at the sexual escapades of 1,000 attendees at music festivals,  9.4% of people who had sex at music festivals did it in a porta-potty (or portable toilet!). Here’s a look at a few of the best places to have sex at music festivals.


If you haven’t attended a music festival yet, whether it’s a rock, pop music or R&B music fest,  perhaps next time you should go to one, and bring along ladies as hot and sexy as the Perth Escorts with you!

Around 58% of respondents of the TickPick survey said that tents are the music fest equivalent of a bedroom, so there’s no wondering why that’s where the most people decided to get laid! Tents however, are not so soundproof, and they’re often full of mud!

In a Car

The automobile is a classic places to get laid, which is why it’s of no surprise that nearly half of the people surveyed had done it in a car at a music festival. Cars are a bit more private I guess, except when you remember that people can see through your windows, windshield, and nearly every side of your car!

In a Field

One of the most romantic ways to get laid in a music festival would be in an open field. However, you need to remember that most of these fields can get real muddy, and they’re going to be filled with bottles, discarded cups, and even used napkins or condoms!

In an RV/Camper Van

Around 20% of respondents also said that they get down and dirty in RV’s, because it was more discreet and more comfy. Perhaps if you brought along ladies and hot and sexy as the

Perth Escorts, you should bring along an RV with you too!

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