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We all know that sex can be so fun and exciting. However, it doesn’t mean that we have to be carefree and irresponsible, because if we do, then we could either get someone pregnant in a jiffy, or we could get a nasty, life-threatening sexually-transmitted infection! Now what’s the first step towards being sexually-responsible? Well, it’s using a condom! Read on to learn more about the best, and worst, places for storing condoms.

The Best Places for Storing Condoms
If you truly care for your bedroom mate, and that includes your preferred Perth Escorts, I bet you wouldn’t have any qualms with using condoms. Now, here are a few of the best places for storing condoms, so that they don’t break easily, and stay as sturdy as ever.

First, keep condoms in a cool, dark place, as these are safe from exposure to extreme temperatures, wind and nosy roommates. Second, do keep them inside your backpack, and the side compartments of your knapsack are best for storing condoms.

Next, keep them inside a cloth purse, as well as in an airtight box. While most condom brands are made using the highest quality materials, the fault lies in the way these latex contraceptives are kept!

The Worst Places for Storing Condoms
Now for the worst places to store condoms, the first place is the wallet. Why? the constant handling of the wallet, and opening or closing it a hundred times could affect the quality of the rubber.

Next, don’t keep them in the car, because leaving condom packets in the glove compartment or car seat may not be good, as the temperature inside the car soars when the windows are shut. Don’t keep condoms in the refrigerator too, because subjecting these to extreme conditions may damage the contraceptive.

And, don’t keep condoms in the back packet too, because the wringing of the washing machine may cause micro-tears in the condom packet, and by the time you meet up the hot and sexy Perth Escorts, they’d be too soiled, or torn to pieces already!

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