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Perth Escorts –The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Hassle-Free Car Sex

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If you’d like to get down and dirty in some place other than your own bed, perhaps you could try doing it in a car! But wait – before you try car sex, let me first tell you that sex in a car can be complicated, because if done incorrectly that wonderful moment of first-date lust can turn into an agonizing two-week foot or neck cramp! Here’s the adventurous couple’s guide to hassle-free car sex.

Utilise Natural Barriers
For starters, the first rule regarding car sex is to ask permission from your girlfriend, or your favourite Perth Escorts if they’d like to try shagging in your car, because if they don’t like the idea then it would be better if you get yourselves a comfy hotel room!

But then again, if the idea of car sex is A-Okay for both of you, the first step would be to utilise natural barriers. For example, every hundred or so miles off the side of highways you will see large piles of gravel or sand and cement, and you’ve probably driven by them a million times already, and never cared to think what they might have to offer.

Well, now that you want to make a car quickie you will know that these piles make great barriers, and will effectively hide you and your partner from view without dragging any attention. And since nobody will even see your car, you can always pull off and bang behind the sand, or cement!

Find No Service Exits
If you regularly drive interstate, you will definitely see the “no-service” exits, which are exits off the interstate highway that have no gas stations or shops and stores, and no houses or commerce of any kind.

If you find a no-service exit, find a nice spot to pretend like your car is abandoned, as random cars are often stashed or parked over those no-service exits. Thus, just blend in. and continue shagging!

Invest In Comfort
While your car may certainly feel comfy inside, it will still feel a bit cramped somehow if you plan to have sex in it! So, to make things more relaxing for you and your girlfriend, or your favourite Perth Escorts (That’s if they like the idea of shagging in your sedan or subcompact!), invest in a pair of thick blankets, a pair of towels and two pillows to smoothen those lumpy or sharp areas of the car!

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