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Do you want to be labelled as someone who’s “bad” in bed? Certainly not, as no one wants to have that sleazy reputation for being bad in bed. Well, the good thing is that, one of the world’s largest online dating services, has just released its yearly Singles in America study, which grilled over 5,000 singles aged 18 and above on every aspect of their romantic and erotic lives. And although it was only done in the US, its findings still have a global impact, as it determined a few of the biggest red flags during sex.

The 4 Biggest Red Flags During Sex
While the survey in the US had its share of fun statistics to come out of this year’s edition, one fact stood out like a nasty wound – Some of us are messing up on sex. But I bet this doesn’t include you, as you’re having so much fun in bed with the hot and sizzling Perth Escorts!

The survey asked single people on what their biggest red flags were during sex, or the things most likely to make them say it was bad. Around 82% of respondents said “talking too much” was the quickest way to be rated as bad in bed, followed by “no passion” at 74%, “little movement” followed next at 63%, while a “bad kisser” rounded up the top four at 62%.

The 3 Most Important Indicators of Good Sex
Now, what is the exact opposite of someone who talks too much, doesn’t move and lacks passion in bed? Well, the survey also revealed the 3 most important indicators of good sex. An overwhelming 83% of singles regard a “caring and enthusiastic partner” as the number one indicator of good sex.

The second most important indicator of good sex was communication, with 78% of respondents saying good communication was key, while 76% said being a “good kisser” was a top indicator too.

So, do you exhibit more of the good, or bad, qualities in bed? I bet you’re a good guy in bed, because if you weren’t I doubt the hot and sexy Perth Escorts would be dating you that often!

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