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Perth Escorts – The 3 Ways Guys and Girls Screw Up Foreplay

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Without foreplay, there’s just sex. And while sex is definitely an awesome thing to do, it doesn’t allow the individual to experiment with what drives him or her wild. And of course, without foreplay, sex would be as rote and as mechanical as ever! However, the problem is that most dudes, and even girls, still screw up on foreplay. Thus, here’s a look at 3 common ways men and women screw up big time on foreplay.

Going Too Fast or Too Hard
Whether you’re in bed with a long-time romantic partner, or with your preferred Perth Escorts, always make it a point to take your sweet time, because you just shouldn’t try to rush foreplay, at least not all the time!

According to sex experts, there’s a room for a quickie in everyone’s sexual repertoire. But when a quickie becomes the go-to sexual act, you can certainly expect a disappointed partner! Remember that most women usually take a little time to warm up, in fact for most ladies it’s 15 minutes!

Not Reading Her
Many dudes also make one of the most common foreplay mistakes – not reading their partner! Sex experts stress that every woman is a little different when it comes to, well everything! So, while you may have your signature go-to moves in bed, be willing to throw them out the window if your lady seems uncomfortable or bored.

For example, if your lady winces when you talk dirty, move on to your next signature bedroom play or routine. And if your woman’s into making it in the sofa, do not ever try to make her move into the bedroom!

Talking Too Much
If you treat quickies, bedroom trysts and any other sex move like you’re watching a football game with your male buddies, then your girlfriend, or lovely Perth Escorts is truly going to be so pissed at you! Remember that foreplay is a verbal as it is physical, but it’s possible to go overboard with sexy talk – or worse non-sexy stuff!

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