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Perth Escorts – The 3 Things That Separate Great Sex From Average Sex (According to Most Guys)

big butt babe escorting in perth at the side poolWhat separates great sex, from average or dull sex? For some, consensual sex is the best while for others quickies are the preferred mode. To find out what truly separates great sex from average sex, we asked the average bloke out there in the street to give us a few comments or ideas, and here’s what we found out from them.

Now what’s the first thing that separates great sex from average or lackluster sex? Here’s one characteristic or trait that your hookup partner, or favourite Perth Escorts will truly agree upon, and it’s chemistry!

According to sex and relationship experts, chemistry is arguably the most important aspect of great sex, because without it, you or your partner will just be doing it to satiate a psychological response, and the act will definitely not be a pleasurable one!

While some guys and girls go straight to the main course, others would prefer doing things slowly, by doing more foreplay! For some couples, it’s more about the journey more than the destination, and that journey often involves a detour into stuff like oral sex, and lots of necking and petting.

In addition, the longer you make out, the more anticipation you build, and a slow build can be comparable to a volcano slowly erupting. However, in this scenario, the stuff that erupts won’t kill you, but instead it will delight you and your partner!

Natural Communication
Whether you just met her tonight, or whether you’ve been having sex for years already, having an immediate understanding of what the other person wants and needs is huge. Thus, natural communication is the stuff that keeps sexual partners from having to stop sex to explain some details!

Raw Animal Lust
If you have a partner who gets you real hot, and in the mood for some real hot and sizzling sex, then you’re in for a great night of raw animal lust! Instead of just going for the usual stuff that normally takes place in your bedroom, you and your hookup partner, or lovely Perth Escorts indulge in the kind of sex where if someone walked in on you two having sex, it would make that person question everything he or she knew about sex!

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