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Perth Escorts – The 3 Things That Men Find So Stressful About Anal Sex

sexy body escort girl in perthIf there’s one sexual activity that a lot of men either find too daunting, or too stressful to do, then perhaps it would be – anal sex! According to many guys, the act could be comparable to standing on a high-dive and trying to psych yourself up! Many dudes have also agreed that although anal sex could be fun, you may need to focus a little bit on it. Here’s a look at the 3 things that men find so stressful about anal sex.

There’s a Lot of Prep-Work Required
I guess you haven’t tried doing the rear entry yet, either with your hookup partners or with your favourite Perth Escorts, either because one of you didn’t like doing it (or that you were the one who chickened out!).

Well, that’s quite understandable, because for most men, doing the rear entry requires a lot of prep work. Whether you’ll be giving or receiving, all the foreplay and lubing up can be quite a chore (although it helps build up the tension!). Perhaps you already know that it could be fun, although you just need a few more seconds to get focused.

It’s Incredibly Sensitive, Which Makes it Quite Daunting
Unless the couple is seasoned and well-experienced in anal play, a lot of thought and care needs to into making love to a butt! It’s like defusing a bomb, and extra care needs to go, thus both partners should not rush things.

And as fun as anal can be, the pressure is always going to be in the back of the guy’s mind, which can be comparable to being handed the keys to a fancy sports car, and getting to drive it around a track for just a few laps!

There Could be Poop
And of course, the most obvious reason why most men are wary of doing the anal entry is (obviously) – the poop! For some guys, it’s like riding the roller coaster and you know something terrible can happen, and you might just crash on the ground, and die!

However, if couples do it the missionary way, perhaps it would make any chance of accidental pooping much lesser. However, it’s also pretty much guaranteed that you and your hookup partner, or your favourite Perth Escorts, will both want to shower afterward anyway!

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