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Perth Escorts – Tasty Tips & Tidbits About the Pretzel Sex Position

perth escort girls playing aroundIf you’ve been used to hearing sex experts (or even perverts) use food to describe foreplay and stimulation techniques, perhaps it would be okay to use certain types of food to name certain sex positions! Take for example the “Pretzel” sex position. Here are a handful of tasty tips and tidbits about this delectable sex position.

Erotic Instructions For Beginners
If you plan to add the Pretzel sex position to your list of to-do activities with your girlfriend, or your preferred Perth Escorts, here are a couple of instructions to keep handy. First, kneel face to face, and then each of you places the opposite foot flat on the ground, and nudges closer, joining genitals.

Next, leaning forward in your planted feet, both of you lunge back and forth for a slow, upright yet mind-blowing romp. The sex position allows for deep and powerful thrusts, but at a sideways angle that feels totally different!

Why You And Your Partner Will Love It
According to sex experts, this unique and truly picturesque sex position is considered the “ultimate in copulatory equality”. Why? Because you and your partner are both in the exact same stance, and you both share the same reins when it comes to rocking each other’s world!

What Are Its Potential Downsides?
While women will certainly love the Pretzel sex position because they lie on their right side, and relax, it can be a bit taxing for guys, because kneeling down he will need to straddle the girl’s right leg, then lift her left leg, so that it’s curled around his left side.

And since both partner’s arms are available in this sex technique, just think of the different places they can go – from the backsides to the testicles, breasts and anywhere else! Now isn’t this method fun and – delectable?

While the Pretzel may not give you a lot of in-an-out action, the slow torso-to-torso grind should help provide great clitoral contact for your girlfriend or lovely Perth Escorts, and it would also allow for a more gradual but exciting ascent to climactic orgasms!

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