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Perth Escorts Stories: A Fast Unexpected Fuck

perth escort girl taking shower“Urrgh, yes, yes!” she was panting. The way her sex quivered told me she was close. I was incredibly close too, and I couldn’t believe I could orgasm from her riding me. It was not my usual preference. But at that very moment, I would be proven wrong. She clenched, her vulva cupping my length deeply into her. Her hands were on my chest and shoulders, head tilted back in the throes of ecstasy. The way she rode me, the heavy bouncing of her breasts, the biting on her lower lip, the wetness of her sex – it was all incredibly erotic.  I was there… I was there with her in an instant. She rode me one last time, clenching tight, grounding on to me to make her point. I let go. I thrust once, twice, thrice – and filled the condom inside her. God, that was incredible. She was incredible. I get hard again just thinking about it. The condom was a messy number after, but at that moment, I couldn’t care less.


She was cute and incredibly sexy, which was a hard combination to achieve. She has that quiet, easy demeanour. I wasn’t fooled though. Because I know the quiet ones are usually the best, in bed. I knew that for a fact. This was not my first time in the rodeo. Don’t judge me, but I have hired Perth escorts before – first class ones, mind you – but I know something special came my way when I saw her.


I don’t do meetings in a public place. I prefer girls to come to my hotel room directly, and move directly into fucking. I’m a horny motherfucker and I know what I want. Sex now, formalities later.


The moment she appeared at my door, I was on her. I made her sit on one of the bedside chairs and pulled down her pants. She smelled like something sweet – vanilla, I thought, but I couldn’t care less – and something viscerally womanly. I knew my way around a vagina like it’s the back of my hand, and in thirty seconds her hands were clutching my hair, her legs wrapped around my neck.


I proceeded to fuck her doggy-style on the bed. After a few minutes, she insisted to be on top. Hell, I was not opposed to that – I like my women, especially, my Perth escorts wild and nasty. She started slow, and fucks from the very first grounding of her pussy, I knew I was in for a good ride. That’s how we ended up dancing horizontally, fucking our brains out.

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