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Perth Escorts – Spots to Use Your Tongue On Her to Excite Her More

sexy hot private escort in perthWhile there’s no sure-fire way to really get a girl’s warmed up, there are certain places you can touch and tease to get the ball rolling. These erogenous zones are the same for all women, even the lovely ladies in the pages of Perth Escorts. True, the pleasure they feel will vary, but stroking these places is still pretty hot – especially if you use your tongue.

1. Her back. It’s more sensitive than the front, which makes it a very good target for some tongue teasing. Slowly, trail your tongue down her spine, using a few well-placed kisses and a little sucking to keep her guessing. Stop just before you reach her butt and work your way back up; she’ll soon be begging you to go further south.

2. Her neck, lips, and earlobes. Lick a small area on her neck, followed up with a gentle nibble. You can also try sucking that spot instead of nibbling, to turn up the heat a bit more. Explore her neck in this way to find her own personal sweet spot.

From there, it’s easy to move to her lips – lick them gently while you’re kissing, or else probe them open with your tongue. It’s also a simple matter to make your way to her earlobes, which you can teasingly lick with the tip of your tongue. Make sure you don’t stick it in her ear canal – that’s a turn off, not a turn on.

3. Her boobs. This one’s a given, since breasts are a well-known sweet spot. Don’t go directly for the nipples at first. Start on the breast itself, then work your way in smaller and smaller circles. By the time you take one nipple in your mouth, she’s going to want it so bad she won’t want you to stop.

4. Her cunt. Another obvious hot spot, this is the best place to experiment and really explore her. Try using different areas of your tongue on her – the side, the flat part, the tip. Tease her outer and inner lips, make your way around but without touching the clit. You can even try penetrating her with your tongue and sucking gently, then gauge her reaction.

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