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Perth Escorts – Simple Secrets to Using Text to Ask Her Out

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Of all the things men have to deal with in the dating game, asking a lady out is one of the most daunting, no matter how confident and no matter how many times you’ve had to do it. In part, it’s because there’s no way of predicting her reaction – even if you think she’ll accept, she could still say no. The lovely babes at Perth Escorts, for example know how much of a challenge it can be, which is why they do what they do.

Some blokes have little to no difficulty hiding their shyness when they ask a girl out, face to face; others, however, aren’t as lucky. In today’s world, though, it’s perfectly okay to ask a girl out through text – but how do you avoid making a bigger fool of yourself? Here are a few secrets to help you out.

  1. Ditch the one-word openings. If you text her a single word, you’ll likely get a one-word reply, which isn’t a good start to a conversation that should be netting you a date. Go for stronger openings, such as asking if she’s been to a restaurant that just opened. Whatever line you decide to use, think of it as a face-to-face conversation, where you need to keep the ball rolling before you segue into asking her out.


  1. Try and read the mood. If you know her well enough, you’ll be able to scan her replies for clues. Is she an avid emoji user but isn’t using them in your text conversation? That might be a sign she’s in a bad mood. If the signs are pointing to her not being in the mood, let the conversation die naturally and don’t ask her out yet.


  1. Suggest a group date. This can be helpful if you aren’t that close yet and you’re not sure how comfortable she’ll be being with you alone. Going in a group makes it feel like more of a friendly outing than a potentially awkward date. You can still get to know her even while you’re in a group, so don’t fret. If you’re quite close, feel free to skip group dates.

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