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Perth Escorts – Sex Positions That May Be Fun, But Can Be Very Risky

escort girl in perth being healthyPerhaps you’ve gotten tired and sleepy from doing the usual sex positions like the missionary or the woman-on-top, and you’d like to try something fresh and exciting. Well, here are a couple of, let’s say creative, but kind of risky sex positions, which if done improperly, could land you in the hospital with a nasty sex injury!

Stair Sex
Have you and your girlfriend, or favourite Perth Escorts, ever tried something like – stair sex? Well, what’s so risky about it is that you and your partner could end up with bruises and cuts in all places you never thought you’d get them. While stair sex can be extra challenging, it’s definitely not safe!

The Suspended
This sex position looks a bit like the standing mode, but it would feel like the Leaning Tower of Pisa (especially for the ladies), and should really be an easy way to fall down!

The Bridge
Now here’s another quite tricky, yet potentially fun sex position, yet it requires that the guy lie down between two surfaces, and the woman sits on top of him with all her body weight, and the guy holds her up just like a bridge!

The Tawdry Tube
Now this is one truly challenging way to have sex in the water, because the guy sits in an inner tube in the water, while the woman sits on top of him. Well, what’s terrifying is that if one, or both partners, don’t know how to swim, then they will surely – drown!

The Butter Churner
This sex position can be extra challenging, as it could give ladies a neck cramp, because she’s down below you, while you lift her butt up, and her head’s down on the floor! However, the good thing is that this pose lets you penetrate her deeper for an amazing sensation. Just go easy on the thrusts, to avoid too much pressure on her upper body!

While obviously you do not want to get a serious sex injury, it’s still recommended that you and your girlfriend, or preferred Perth Escorts, try out a new sex position, but make sure that none of you land in the emergency room!

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