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Sex positions – the truth is that there are about as many different sex positions as there are flavours of ice cream. There are sex positions for wanna-be porn stars, and there are those that make people feel close together as a couple. And then, there are sex positions too that do not require any amount of eye contact! Here’s a list of a few of them.

Doggystyle Oral
Here’s a sex position that you could try out with your hookup buddy, or with your favourite Perth Escorts, although I don’t think you could last a few minutes without glancing at their lovely faces!

With the doggy style oral, there’s minimal eye contact, and there’s a potential for deep, animalistic-feeling perpetration, and the lady will also have a hand free to touch her clitoris! To do this, the woman gets on all fours and the guy kneels behind her so his face is at vagina level.

Standing Doggy Style
Whether you agree with me or not, the Doggy Style is perhaps one of the world’s most popular sex positions. The good thing is that there’s one doggy style variation where literally no eye contact will be made. In this sex position, the woman lets her partner stand behind her, and lets him enter her with his dick, finger or sex toy. And since you’re not in bed, there will be less pressure to cuddle post-sex!

Modified Reverse Cowgirl
This is the normal version of the reverse cowgirl, but with the girl on top and facing away from her partner. But if like most women, your partner does not usually orgasm from penetration alone, the guy should bend one leg and keep the other straight, so that she can line up her clitoris against the guy’s bent thigh and rub against it, to create friction as they thrust!

Now which unique sex position would you be trying first with your hookup buddy, or with your most preferred Perth Escorts? I guess you should try out all of these unique sex positions tonight, or perhaps this weekend!

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