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Perth Escorts – Reasons She Fakes It In the Bedroom

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When it comes to the bedroom, it’s a fact that women don’t always experience orgasm whenever they have sex – which is sad. They feel pleasure, yes, but unfortunately, even that’s not true all the time. While the babes at Perth Escorts don’t fake it when they’re in the bedroom – it’s all genuine – your lovely partner might have done just that when you were in bed together.

There are a lot of reasons a woman will fake it in bed – and unfortunately, they usually have to do with the bloke’s shortcomings, not hers. Here are some reasons she’s putting on an act, so you know what to avoid doing in order for both of you to really enjoy the ride and reach the big O.

1. Skipping foreplay. You’re likely tired of reading about this, but it’s true. It takes just seconds for you to get hard, but getting her ready for sex is like putting a pot of water on the stove. It’ll simmer for a while, then build to a boil – but it takes time. So if you spend just a few minutes getting her ready and you believe it’s enough, she’s definitely going to fake it.

2. Not asking what she wants. One thing women dislike is how men act like they know everything about what turns them on. The truth is, different actions will lead to different reactions, so you need to change up the routine. If you don’t take your cues from her, believing your caresses are working, she’s going to be disappointed.

3. Blaming yourself. This is somewhat sweet, to be honest. For men, orgasm is something like a prize, and knowing they got a woman to the finish line is a point of pride. If you feel this way and start beating yourself up on being unable to give your girl pleasure, she may well fake it just to stop you from doing that.

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