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Perth Escorts: Quietly Watching You

perth escort girl watching youI think of you once more and the time that we’ve spent together. I’ve seen you on TV, heard you on the radio and read about you on newspaper and magazine articles. All these people interviewing you, they think they know you when they don’t.

I know that I’m not the only one. An escort, just like countless others from escorting services like Perth Escorts, I understand your needs it’s nothing personal. Just business.

I check my schedule: 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM Dinner and dessert with you at a restaurant. As soon as I reached the door to the dining room I stop and admire you for a few minutes from afar. Calm authority enshrouds you like thick fog. Anyone knows not to disturb or present inane questions. You’d call for assistance if and when you deem it needed. Not a moment before nor a moment after.

A waiter makes his way to you, wanting to know if you needed anything. You dismiss him with a wave of your hand and a smile. You charmer you! Having charmed all around you into both doing your bidding and leaving you alone.

I make my way to you and think that you truly are a magnificent specimen. We order and begin our meal, talking about nothing in particular, just generally having a good time.

We head back over to your place for a night cap. As you slip the key into the lock and open the door, “Ladies First” you whisper as I step into your threshold; as soon as the door closes, you grab my wrist and spin me around to face you, kissing me harshly, forcefully thrusting your tongue into the warm moist cavern of my mouth.

‘preparation’ is the only word you say between the battle of tongues. I knew what you wanted, needed and was more than happy to provide. You saunter over to the couch, sit down and spread your legs loosely. I make my way to you, kneeling and putting each hand on each thigh. Undoing your belt and pulling down the zipper, I bend down and free your cock. Nuzzling the base and inhaling such manly scent “mmmm…addictive” I say. I take a firm hold of the flesh and slip it into my mouth, teasing the slit as it passes by. I continue on until I feel the head kiss the back of my throat and swallow. The movement causes a reaction in you: hand flying to the back of my head, a moan escapes you throartily, voicing your pleasure and lust as your hips thrust upward shallowly, pushing the tip of your full cock a little further down my throat. I pull out gently, alternating between sucking and relaxing….

Our night is not yet over. No, not for you nor I and as a listed escort from escorting services like Perth Escorts, I know how precious your, and my time is.

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