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Perth Escorts Presents: The 5 Elements for Better Sex

Sex is an act for passion. This is something that you cannot easily do like a chore. It’s something that is done out of intense intentions. To put it simply, you won’t be having sex with someone if you’re not attracted to her. When then brings us to the point: sex is for the means of expressing passion, not just ejaculation.

sexy escort girl in perth at the bedThe girls of Perth Escorts are known for their capability to insinuate passion in the midst of the intercourse. They are professionals when it comes to tying things together that way. It’s how they are able to fully indulge into her clients without inhibitions.

There’s always a new position to be introduced out there but it takes soulful indulgence for the act to be fully gratified. With soulful indulgence come the five immediate things to live by:

1. Compliment

The one thing that actually boosts ones confidence – compliments. Women will always feel a surge of insecurity when it comes to the appearance of their bodies. Courtesan or not, it will not hurt to tell her how nice her pussy looks and how sweet she tastes. Erotic pleasures are meant to be felt mutually. Orgasms are triggered more often if the both of you are relaxed and confident!

2. Listen

Courtesans are there to follow on to your sensual wishes. However, it would be nice that you pass on the microphone to her as well. Let her tell you what she wants and how she wants it. You’ll be surprised to know that bringing pleasure to your partner gives you those delicious bodily sensations as well. It helps a lot that the two of you are in sync when it comes to your indulgence and fixation for gratification.

3. Lather

During erotic encounters, slippery is always better. Lather your bodies with the right amount of oil. Better yet, massage each other initially with it. Sensual touching triggers the release of the hormone called oxytocin – the igniter of a woman’s libido! In addition to that, the silky feel of oil being rubbed on skin will be a definite turn on for an intensified intercourse for the both of you!

4. Health

Keeping your body healthy is the key to keeping your erotic performance to the optimum state. The more you are able to prolong the delicious feeling, the better. You can’t really expect your body to perform the right way if you do not feed it with the right energy source. The fast food diet is detrimental to your libido and over all sexual routine. The healthier you are, the more capable you will be to more intense positions!

5. Time

As much as possible don’t rush yourselves to reaching that body shaking erotic release. Orgasms are only as good as the buildup. Enjoy the whole thing as much as you can. Immerse yourself as her walls tighten around your manhood! Take the time to feel it with every sensation.

The ladies of Perth Escorts have these five things to guide them by. Wouldn’t you like to try them out in application for yourself?

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