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Perth Escorts – New Study Says That More Women Have Tried “Butt Stuff” Than You Might Think

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Whenever most of us talk about sex, there’s always that “elephant in the room”, or that topic which we almost always shy away from, and it’s that thing called “butt stuff’ or anal sex (And all other sex acts that involve interaction with the anus!). However, a new study should surprise you, because it reveals that more and more women today have actually tried doing that “butt stuff”!

Nearly 40% of Straight Women Have Had Anal Sex

If you still don’t believe that more women are into “butt stuff” today, perhaps you should ask your hookup buddies, or even your favourite Perth Escorts if they find “but stuff” offensive, or even disgusting, and I guess you’ll be surprised by their positive feedback!

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, nearly 40% of straight women today have already had anal sex! The study, which analysed a sample of 10,463 heterosexual women aged 15 to 44 years old, noted that over a third, or 36.3% of straight ladies reported giving anal sex a try, which is quite a pretty decent percentage!

What’s Sad is That The Women Who Had Anal Sex Were Less Likely to Use Condoms

While it’s surprising to hear that more straight women are now either receptive to anal sex, or have already tried it, what’s sad is that these adventurous women were less likely to use condoms during anal play than they were during PIV, or penis-in-vagina sex.

Now, this isn’t definitely encouraging, because condoms aren’t only used for protection against pregnancy, but also for sexually-transmitted infections, which of course can be transmitted during butt stuff even more easily than conventional sex.

But then again,  if you and your hookup mates, or your preferred Perth Escorts, are not so much into butt stuff, who says you can’t do the other more pleasing, and more “palatable”, erotic stuff?

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