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Perth Escorts – New Poll Reveals That More People Today Are Having Sex in Airports, Than in Planes

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Perth Escorts

Ask anyone out there to name one of the most exciting and adventurous places to have sex (Apart from the bedroom) and you’ll hear more and more people mention locations like airplanes! Yes, while it’s true that many couples are angling to join the Mile High Club, a new poll has revealed that a lot of sleazy couples are actually opting for sex in airports instead of planes!

Blame the Long Security Checks and Other Delays
According to a fairly recent survey from, which covered 4, 915 Americans over the age of 18, and have flown at least once in the last two years, 1 in 10 US travellers have admitted that they’ve had sex in airports than in planes, and many of them blame long TSA security checks, and other airline delays. But then again, if you could still wait, why don’t you get frisky with the hot and sexy Perth Escorts once you arrive at your hotel from the airport!

The Bathroom, Storage Cupboard and VIP Lounge Were the Best Places to Get Frisky
The US flight-shopping service also added that airport sex was far happening more than sex in airplanes, as only 8 percent of respondents actually admitted to doing it inside the plane. Among those who admitted to having a sexual encounter in airports, around 42 percent said they did it in the bathroom stall, while 28 percent did it in the storage cupboard, 14 percent go their kicks “under the coat” and 12 percent did it in a VIP lounge!

And as compared to those who had sex in airplanes, the airport thrill-seekers had a more impressive success rate, as only 17 percent of couples got caught by airport authorities. In addition, 5 percent of respondents hooked up with total strangers, while 87 percent did it with their traveling partner!

The survey’s true aim was to discover how people spent time at the airport, while waiting for their flight. However, they got far more surprising results than they expected! If you’re headed Down Under (But you don’t want to get sleazy in the airport) make sure you book a date with the hot and alluring Perth Escorts, so that you’ll have a more fun and relaxing time once you arrive at your hotel!

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