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Perth Escorts – New Aussie Study Says That Sex Can Leave Some Guys Feeling Sad and Tearful

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Perth Escorts

If you think that all guys feel blissful, and smiling from ear to ear, after they orgasm, and enjoyed a round or two of sex, think again. New Australian research has found that like women, the guys may also suffer from a condition called PCD, or Post-coital Dysphoria, which can leave a person feeling sad, tearful n even irritable after sex!

Around 41% of 1,208 Men From various Countries Experienced PCD

Researchers from Queensland University of Technology carried out a global study, which is the first of its kind, and anonymously surveyed 1,208 men from various countries, including the United Kingdom, US, Australia, Russia, New Zealand and Germany. The participant’s responses showed that 41% of men reported experiencing PCD! Well, if they dated the hot and sizzling Perth Escorts, I guess they’ll feel so happy, and won’t feel an inch of sadness!

Around 20% of respondents reported that they had experienced PCD in the previous four weeks, while around three to four percent suffered PCD on a regular basis. The study’s lead author added that some of the comments from the participants described experiences ranging from not wanting to be touched, or the urgent need to be left alone, or an overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction!

PCD Could Cause Problems for Some Partners

Although PCD has also been recognized in women, to studies have previously identified the condition among men, until now. The study’s lead author said that the recent findings could suggest that a man’s experience of sex could be more complex than previously thought.

The study team speculates that the reasons for this are multifactorial, including both biological and psychological factors. In addition, PCD could also cause problems for both partners, and not just the men who experience it!

But then again, I bet you feel no tinge of sadness or melancholy, especially when you date ladies as hot and sexy as the Perth Escorts!

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