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Perth Escorts – Narcissistic Guys Have An Easier Time Attracting Hot Women, And That’s According To A German Study

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You may not be too showy of your feelings, but do you think that you just hate guys (or even girls) who have an unrealistically positive self-image, along with an excess baggage of feelings of entitlement? Well, we just described what narcissism is, and what it’s drawbacks are. But believe it or not, a bunch of German researchers are now saying that men with super high levels of narcissism have an easier time attracting a potential mate, or even a hot hookup partner

It Wasn’t Purely Due To Narcissism That Crappy Guys Get Better Mates

Perhaps by this time you’re already bristling with disdain or disbelief, at what the German researchers just said about narcissism, and perhaps even your preferred Perth Escorts would not agree to the idea that guys who have an inflated ego would be getting the hottest girls in town!

While the German researchers did say that narcissistic men did get the hottest girls more often, the effect was not actually due to their overly high self-esteem alone, but their physical attractiveness and social boldness were also good reasons for their extra appeal to women!

How Did The “Researchers” Manage To Get Their Conclusions? 

The research, which was published in the July 2016 issue of the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, first measured  narcissism levels in 61 men who had an average age of 25, and were invited to join a courtship study in Germany.

The psychologists and analysts focused on narcissism as a personality trait, and not as a personality disorder. This means that everybody has a certain level of narcissism, which for some is a bit higher, while for others it’s much lower.

The study team also asked the men to approach women they did not know on the street and get contact information, which could either be a phone number, email address of Facebook account. On average, the guys approached at least 23 women.

In summary, the German team concluded that “narcissists are very good at initiating relationships, and on first impression they come as confident and charming”.   However, “while narcissists are charming and appealing at first sight, they do not make good long-term romantic partners!” Now isn’t that good news for humble, and gentle guys like you! Perhaps even your favourite Perth Escorts would likely agree to this assumption too!

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