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Perth Escorts – More Fun, Frisky Facts About the “Medical Play” Fetish

Perth Escorts

Perth Escorts

Most folks have probably played doctors and nurses when they were kids. However, for others that childhood role-playing game develops further into a sexy, and sleazy adult sexual fantasy! With uniforms, roles, tools and toys to consider, here are a couple of fun and frisky facts for making medical play fetishes fun, kinky and safe.

Wearing Costumes is a Great Way to Break Free from Accepted Standards of Behaviour

Looking to make your erotic adventures with the hot and sexy Perth Escorts more fun and exciting? Perhaps you could consider doing some sexy doctor-nurse role playing! According to psychologists and sex experts, wearing a costume is a wonderful way to break free from accepted standards of behaviour, which is why they can be integral to taking the role of a devious doctor and a naughty nurse or patient!

Pick Your Medical Play Roles

Doctors, nurses and patients are often considered surface roles in medical play. But, adding a dominant/submissive or switch dynamic to your medical play scene will provide more depth to these basic relationships, and allow further room for playing.

For example the basic “check-up” scene in medical play can only last so long without jumping to groping, touching and fondling. However, roles come with rules too, rules that will prevent participants from speeding to the nitty-gritty!

And, a restricted “breast exam” would be much more fun and tantalising if it’s only allowed to go so far. For some, the appeal of being aroused in a real medical setting stems from the sheer fact that it’s not acceptable behaviour. Setting boundaries and sticking to them will make your medical play scene last longer before its inevitable “conclusion” at the medical table!

Choose Your Tools, and Use Them Safely

In medical play, the tools you choose to use vary, from gloves to catheters to vaginal speculums, laryngoscopes, stethoscopes and more. And regardless of whether you and hookup mates, or your favourite Perth Escorts, are using real or mock-up medical toys and instruments, always make sure you use them safely, so that you’ll have a fun and accident-free medical play adventure!

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