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When something happens for the first time, you usually feel a mix of emotions – anticipation, relief, apprehension, happiness, and so on. For instance, your first time engaging one of the lovely babes with Perth Escorts may feel that way since you don’t know how you’ll get along.

The same can be said of your first kiss – with any girl. You don’t know how it’ll go, and if it will be memorable at all. Of course, you want to remember it for the right reasons. Depending on how close you are with your date, the kiss could be an ‘introduction’, or a make-out kiss. No matter your relationship, though, there are some tips you can use to make sure the kiss sizzles.

1. Close your eyes. This is a given, but some blokes apparently keep their eyes open when they pucker up. Heat up the kiss just a bit more by letting your other senses – especially touch – take over. This shows her how much you’re getting into it. Don’t worry; she won’t disappear while your eyes are closed.

2. Use soft pressure. If it’s your first time kissing her, a little pressure is better than none or too much. If you’re not sure how much pressure is just right, reciprocate with as much pressure as she’s using. In that way, neither of you will overwhelm the other.

3. Meet her halfway. When she leans in, that’s the time for you to lean close, too. If you stay still, you’ll seem uncertain, and if you move in too close before she does, you’ll seem overeager.

4. Use touch. Pull her close, stroke her arms or sides, or play with her hair. Touching other parts of her body – except for her butt and boobs if you’re out in public – will turn the spark into a flame.

5. Gauge with a tongue. Touch your tongue to hers, then pull back so you can tell how much she’s getting into it – and if she wants to start French kissing. Make sure you don’t do this if it means sticking your tongue into her mouth, because it can throw her off if she isn’t ready.

Feel you need to practice your technique and don’t have a long-term partner, or just need some company? Look through the pages at Perth Escorts to find the best pleasure professional for you.

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