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Perth Escorts – Loving Chocolate Has Sexy Benefits

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Dark chocolate is a treat for both sexes, and is the healthiest version of chocolate you can get because it’s made up of more natural ingredients compared to milk and white chocolate. The lovely babes featured in the pages of Perth Escorts are sure to enjoy some dark chocolate now and then. So you’re not the only one.

But did you know that, with it containing 70% cocoa, among other things, dark chocolate has some pretty sexy health benefits, both physically and emotionally? Now you can find out why people are more likely to reach for some, instead of a green salad.

1. It helps with anxiety. The same component in chocolate that makes it dangerous for your dog is the same chemical that’s seen as a natural anxiety treatment. Theobromine elevates your mood, helping you feel more prepared to face, say, a first date or a presentation.

2. It creates a happy buzz. There’s a reason someone who’s feeling down will look for chocolate, and that’s because it helps produce the same endorphins that are released when you orgasm.

This is especially helpful when your girl is on her period and she’s feeling grumpy or cranky. Buy her some chocolate to help with her mood, and she’ll love you for it, among other reasons.

3. It fights cancer. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, hailed as a super molecule, because they help beat back free radicals and therefore help to fight cancer. Antioxidants have also been said to aid with eye issues, memory problems, and protect your skin as well as immune system.

The next time you reach for a dark chocolate brownie, don’t hesitate – you’re doing your body a favour.

4. It keeps your heart healthy. What’s good for your heart also bodes well for sex and your sex life. Dark chocolate, according to one study, can help improve blood flow thanks to the polyphenols found in it. When your blood is flowing the way it should, not only do you prevent clots, but you also respond to stimulation better when you do the dirty.

Now, if you engaged one of the sexy courtesans at Perth Escorts and you’re feeling a little nervous about meeting her, look for this dark yet sweet treat, and see how it helps your time with her.

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