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Perth Escorts – How Sexting Can Affect Relationships In Positive & Negative Ways

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With the rise of digital technology and the invention of cell phones, it seems texting and sexting as well has replaced the usual face-to-face interactions between and amongst peoples. No matter where you’re situated on the planet, you can easily connect with friends and loved ones through text since it’s considered as the fastest and cheapest way to communicate. Amazing how fast you can schedule a date with any of the sleazy Perth Escorts by just sexting!

Advantages & Drawbacks

Clearly, it brings the texting people closer together due to constant connectivity. As texting has become a major source of communication in relationships, it becomes a smart way to spice things up, as when you exchange erotic messages with a partner.

When lonely or bored, it’s easy to key in the words to find comfort from a friend or lover miles away from you. At every jubilant occasion, you can easily send congratulatory greetings instantly. In times of emergency, texting for help can help save lives. These and more can certainly strengthen the bond among peoples and thereby, make relationships better.

Contrastingly, the downsides could range from committing acts of cheating or dishonesty (as when someone texts his mate he’s at work when in fact he’s at the bar drinking) to announcing a breakup in an informal way, to bad-mouthing someone. All these that tend to ruin relationships!

Below are some significant data on the overall texting climate by group from research:

For teenagers – This group has the highest texting rate with 20 percent of dating teens texting their boyfriends/girlfriends 30 times per hour or more after classes or late at night.

For young people aged 17 to 25 – They text about their romantic interests more than mature individuals do. Around 90 percent of them like to connect with their partners at least once a day.

For Millennials – They text all sorts of things like gossips or to flirt, ask questions, make plans, check out on their partners or just plainly connect with their current partners or potential lovers.

For people in newer relationships – They tend to text more often than those who are in more stable relationships.

Anyway, to determine the extent of the positives and negatives of texting and what it can do to relationships, a series of studies was done by two popular US universities. Underneath are the general findings which you might find interesting.

1st study – It involved 205 adults in romantic relationships who admitted to having greater relationship satisfaction as couples were in synch with their texting styles.

2nd study – A total of 982 adults were surveyed who said that texting was sort of an escape from their current situation, from boredom, or simply, they just liked to express things rather than call. It’s this group from where researchers learned that texting fosters closeness as well as division of people depending on the motivation to text.

3rd study – Here, 615 adults in committed relationships were studied and the results were – majority of them didn’t sex-text but those who did, reported more sexual satisfaction. However, those who excessively sexted were likely to experience conflict, infidelity and watch porn.

If you were to decide, would you rather sext or do phone sex with your girl or maybe, with the alluring Perth Escorts?

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