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Perth Escorts – Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Etc.: What Your Candidate Says About Your Sex Life

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Whether you’d like to keep it out of the bedroom or not, your passion for politics will somehow either affect, or reflect, your sex life. According to a recent study, men and women who are engrossed and invested in political issues tend to have better sex, enjoy better orgasms, and are more likely to experience orgasms on multiple occasions. Your choice of candidates too will somehow reflect your sexual prowess, or preferences. Here’s what the sex experts have to say about the links between your political choices, and your sex life.


Being Politically Active Its Sexual Perks

Do you talk politics with your girlfriend, or with your preferred Perth Escorts? Well perhaps if you do, it’s not about the GOP or Dems, but Labour or Liberal! If we look at the current political contest in the United States, we’ll see politics and sex mix, in a myriad of ways.


According to a study done nationally on 5,000 American singles, 23% of women would love to make out with Marco Rubio, while 36% of women would prefer to “ghost” or piss off Donald Trump after a date, and 11% of single ladies would select Bernie Sanders as a wingman!


The same study also noted that having a good understanding of, and having the ability to discuss political issues, can enhance a person’s chances of getting a second date by as much as 91%! Around 25% of respondents also say that not being registered to vote can be a deal-breaker.


What Your Support For Clinton Says About Your Sex Life

If you’re a long-time Democrat, and on this occasion you’re rooting for Hillary Clinton, here’s a likely look at your sexual profile. A whopping 2,133% of Hillary fans expect no physical contact on the first date, which means that they won’t date someone they’re not seriously interested in. Around 38% of Hillary supporters are also more likely than Donald Trump fans to wait for the right person. Now who says Dems can’t be conservatives?


If You Love Donald Trump

If you support Trump, the crass-talking, loud-mouth GOP frontrunner, sex experts say that you’re likely more to film yourself during sex(!), and you tend to get busy on the first date too.  You’re also more likely to talk about your exes, and end up arguing with them!


So, who are you rooting for this November? Well, the elections in Australia are likely to be held a year after and it would be more likely for you and your favourite Perth Escorts to steer away from politics, and simple prefer to have a good time in bed!

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