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Perth Escorts – Here’s Why Missing Your Ex is a Normal Reaction

half naked perth escort girl posing on the sandsYou’re in a relationship, maybe have been for a year, and then something happens and you stop being a couple. The reason doesn’t have to be as extreme as cheating, or because she found out you’ve been engaging the gorgeous courtesans at Perth Escorts. Whatever the cause, you’re suddenly single again.

So is it normal to miss your ex? Yes, it is, and here are several reasons for this feeling, and why it’s a normal reaction.

1. Her thinking of you. No matter how often you exchange little gifts, the fact remains that she thought of you when she saw certain things; the same went for you. It’s not the gifts you miss, but the implications of her remembering you.

2. Her every-day greetings. Getting a text in the morning greeting you a “good morning”, and another in the evening wishing you a “goodnight” was a comfort for you. This meant there was at least one other person – besides your family – who was thinking of you, and that’s a feeling that warms you up. It also meant there was at least one text not work-related, and you need to get used to that being gone.

3. Your inside jokes. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together; you had certain jokes only the two of you could understand. With her gone, you may find yourself laughing at things you know she’d have found funny as well – and then remembering you can’t tell her. That’s something that’ll definitely hurt for some time, given how close you used to be in order to have such inside jokes.

4. Your physical closeness. It’s not just the sex you’re missing, but her presence as a whole. You may have had times when you would just be cuddling on the couch, and that’s just as good a reason to miss her. It may be hard for future girlfriends to match, so there may be a long road to recovery ahead.

These are just some of the possible reasons you’re missing your ex-girlfriend, and they’re all perfectly normal, not to mention legitimate. So if you need someone to keep you company, without the long-term commitment of a relationship just yet, browse the gallery at Perth Escorts to find the best babe for you.

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