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Perth Escorts

Perth Escorts

There’s truly nothing like getting caught up in the heat of passion, and accidentally thrusting someone right into the rear-view mirror, overhead light or glove compartment, when having sex in a car! Well, who hasn’t tried car sex yet? If you haven’t, read this guideline first, so that you’ll have a fun and injury-free car-sex experience with any hot lady out there.

Move More Slowly
Whether you’re in a sedan or a minivan with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sizzling Perth Escorts, make sure you move more slowly, and ensure that the interior lights don’t turn on with the door handle, or your movements don’t knock off the brakes!

Turn Off the Car’s Automatic Interior Lights
If someone pulls the door handle from the outside, it will certainly illuminate the whole car with the overhead dome light. Not only will you and your mate be exposed, but it will also be very unsafe as you can’t see who is on the other side, which is how too many horror movies play out!

And if one of you inadvertently grips the door handle on the inside of the car, you will be bringing all your dirty deeds to light. Thus, do everyone a favour by locking the doors, and check the owner’s manual to turn off your car’s automatic interior lights.

Know Where the Horn Lies
And to prevent passersby from inadvertently finding out what you and your partner have been doing inside the car, know where the horn lies, if it’s in the middle of the steering wheel or on the sides. Find out and do not hit it!

Turn the Car Off
Believe it or not but more people have died while giving and receiving head, while inside a parked car! Thus, the hash tag #itcanwait certainly applies to more than just texting and driving, but to car sex as well. So, park your car properly and turn the engines off, before you get down and dirty with your hookup buddy, or with the alluring Perth Escorts (Or better, do it in a motel room!)

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