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Perth Escorts – Food Items Known To Keep Your Lady Bits Happy And Healthy

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What does it mean when you say you are in good health? Of course, it means to say everything is in tiptop shape from the tip of your hair to the tip of your toes. And that likewise includes the in-betweens such as your lady-bits. The splendid Perth Escorts are known to be conscious of their health most especially of the region below the belt.

Sometimes, you may have noticed common issues like smell, dryness, pain and what-have-you down there. Sex and relationship experts say that these issues may be caused by ‘poor maintenance’. But, fret not. You can get your vagina back in track with proper nutrition. Below are some food items known to alleviate certain sexual or vaginal issues in particular, and help you become hot again between the sheets.

These Are The Food Items That Keep Vaginas Happy And Healthy

● Probiotic-rich Food

The vaginal area can become irritated by harmful organisms that thrive there because it is dark and moist, a potential ground for bacterial growth. With yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, the pH balance can be easily disrupted. Food that contains live bacteria cultures for instance, plain yoghurt may restore that balance, making you produce healthy bacteria to ensure vaginal health. Aside from yoghurt – kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir – a fermented drink similar to yoghurt are also good sources of probiotics. Add them to your regular diet.

● Soy

As a woman ages, she normally experiences hormonal changes that most of the time lead to vaginal dryness. Apart from reduced oestrogen level, other factors that contribute to that condition are infection, current medications, among others. Soy, because of its isoflavone content like that found in tofu, soy milk and edamame, is said to ease dryness down below. It is said that isoflavones work similar to oestrogens, only weaker. But, you don’t have to load up on them and instead, just include them in your regular food intake.

● Concentrated cranberry juice

If you’re experiencing urinary tract infection, it’s good to take concentrated natural cranberry juice but, without sugar added in it. It is known to contain a specific ingredient that can make your bladder fight against the E. coli bacteria that causes UTI. The more juice you drink, the more bacteria flushed out of your system.

● Water

Of course, water is the most important substance to take anywhere you go any time of day. Apart from keeping you well-hydrated, water livens up the body muscles, enough to boost energy and blood circulation. With sufficient hydration, what vagina couldn’t be happier? An average of six to eight glasses of water should be enough to keep you in good shape.

Now, if those are the items known to keep the vagina healthy, there also substances that can hurt vaginal health such as alcohol and desserts. If you want to increase your appetite under the covers just like the renowned Perth Escorts, limit your intake of such stuff. Or better yet, avoid them.

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