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Perth Escorts – British Brewery Creates a Beer That Revs Up Your Sex Drive Instead of Pumping the Brakes On It

Perth Escorts

Perth Escorts

We all know, or at least have an idea, that sex and beer (as well as rum, whisky and vodka) have a somewhat contemptuous and sleazy relationship. On one hand, drinking can lead to meeting new partners, which us usually under the pretense of good times and good company, as well as lowered inhibitions. On the other hand, beer can sometimes make it hard for men to literally rise above the occasion, so to speak! However, a brewery in the United Kingdom has created a new type of beer that instead of pumping the brakes on your potential, can actually rev up your sex drive!

The Beer Variant is Infused With Watercress and Natural Spring Water

If you’d like to party for hours with your hookup buddies, or with your favourite Perth Escorts, but instead of getting drunk, you get so revved up for sex instead, I guess you should drink a lager called the “Watercress Warrior”!


The Watercress Company in the UK is teaming up with Cerne Abbas Brewery to create a beer infused with watercress and natural spring water from a farm near Dorchester, England. The beer makers say that watercress is a form of “superfood” which is high in vitamins A, B C and E, and is apparently good for digestion.


Watercress is an Aphrodisiac Too

And yes, watercress is an aphrodisiac too, which has been noted to help boost sperm count, testosterone levels, and can generally make the individual extra horny, potentially due to the high iron and zinc content.


The beer makers also added that watercress is a fabulous health food packed with all the nutrients that help boost fertility, and the ale itself is very delicious too, with a fruity and peppery kick.


Wow, I bet you’d wished that they were selling watercress beer in your place already, so that you could start drinking them with your girlfriend, or with your preferred Perth Escorts!

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