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beautiful lady in perth private escortThere’s just something about being with a gorgeous vixen that can make guys suddenly conscious about their performance in bed. The ladies at Perth Escorts, though, while definitely skilled, will help ease your ‘performance anxiety’ so that you both get the most out of your time together.

Warm soft hands pulled me in for a deeper kiss, the taste of champagne from earlier still lingering in her mouth. I reciprocated, one hand cupping her firm ass while I ran the fingers of the other through her luscious locks. A firm tug tilted her face upwards, and she welcomed the slight roughness.

The last time I’d been with a woman, it didn’t end well; needless to say, I was definitely nervous when I engaged this buxom beauty. Now, though, that nervousness was ebbing away, replaced by burning desire. She wasn’t a boring companion, and looked good, too.

With our bodies in contact like this, there was no denying she felt good, too.

She was pushing my unbuttoned shirt off my shoulders, while my fumbling fingers felt for the buckle of her pants; her top had been discarded earlier, her black lace bra hiding as much as it revealed. I stroked the sides of her torso, hands trailing back up to fondle her breasts through the fabric. She moaned in response, stoking that need to take her.

Slowly, we broke off the kiss, both of us breathing hard.

Foreplay was slow, unhurried, first her voice and then mine sounding out the mutual pleasure from the ministrations. Her lips and tongue on my cock brought me to the edge so many times I wondered how much longer I could stand it.

Finally, she straddled my lap, taking me into her tight, wet pussy, and losing no time. As she rocked against me, my hands found their way to her butt. I squeezed those firm muscles, earning yet another moan from her. I slowly started thrusting as well, in time to her rocking, trying to have her take me in deeper. 

“Suck my tits, baby, suck them good…” she whispered, cupping her breasts at the same time. I complied. There was no way I’d be forgetting tonight any time soon.

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