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Perth Escorts – A Look At 3 Of The World’s Best (And Seediest) Red Light Districts

escort in perth making sexWhat’s a “red-light district”? Why are so many people drawn to it? If you look at the dictionary, a red-light district is defined as “an urban area where there is a concentration of prostitution and sex-related businesses like strip clubs, adult theatres, sex shops and more. The term was actually derived from the red lights which sparkled on the signs of brothels. If you’re travelling abroad, perhaps you’d be lucky enough to drop by these thriving, throbbing and truly seedy red-light districts.

  1. Tokyo’s Kabukicho

If you’re visiting the Land of The Rising Sun, then perhaps you should get a dose of Japan’s seedy night life, by visiting the famed Kabukicho district. Here, you’ll find themed clubs that are filled with sexy nurses, dominatrices, secretaries, doctors and what else. Too bad they don’t have ladies as sultry and hot as our Perth Escorts!

Here, you’ll also find clubs and establishments that offer naked karaoke, “soap lands” (where you get soaped clean before having sex), “pink salons” (where you get blowjobs), and hostess clubs where customers pay for companionship.

The price for these themed clubs however, runs from $30 to $140 for two hours, depending on the type of service. In a pink salon, you’ll likely pay $20, while escort services go for around $250 an hour. The problem is that Kabukicho generally caters to locals, and foreign tourists may find it tough to enter some of the establishments (unless you’re an expert at haggling with the bouncers!)

2. Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy District

Apart from the well-known Patpong District, Soi Cowboy also offers tourists a wide array of sex shows. Many of the women who work the strip clubs and brothels here are all available for a price, but it will depend on how reliable you look and how much money you’re willing to drop.

If you leave the bar with one of the hostesses, you are required to pay a “bar fine” of around $15, after which you can now directly negotiate with the girl for her “services”. The services actually range from a low of $45 an hour, to a whopping $125! So for the drinks, bar fine and actual fee, the minimum should be around $75.

But if you’re in Thailand you need to be aware of the local customs, so that you won’t end up in trouble with the locals. For example, it’s bad to say shitty stuff about the King and the other members of the royalty.

  1. Paris’ Pigalle District

Paris is more than just the city of love, of the Eiffel Tower, as it’s red-light district is also one of the world’s best (and one of the seediest). Here, you can take your erotic adventures to the highest level, as Pigalle has its healthy share of cabarets, popular burlesque shows like the Moulin Rouge, peep shows, strip clubs, cabarets and more!

To get into a live sex show, you’ll need to cough out $28, and pay the same amount for the drinks too. Just beware of the extra charges when you decide to buy your lady drinks, because the clubs here are notorious for randomly racking them on your credit card! I think it would be much better (and safer) if you stay at home, and call the lovely Perth Escorts!

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